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  1. May 2022
    1. It really looks like a few lines of code — https://github.com/seanwalbran/rspec_around_all/blob/master/lib/rspec_around_all.rb — which complete the DSL and make up for those 0.1% of the cases like mine.
  2. Mar 2022
    1. NVIDIA periodically drops older cards off of its support matrix for NVENC/NVDEC, even if they do have the required hardware. This makes it appear, at first glance to current information sources, that Kepler GPUs do not support NVENC, so we responded as such.
  3. Sep 2021
    1. One in five high school students — and more than 6% of American adults overall — now say they vape. The industry has ballooned to more than $6 billion, led by Juul.

      Demonstrates why there is a worry about youth and vaping addiction

    2. Some researchers worry that a major crackdown on Juul and other manufacturers would simply send teenagers reaching for traditional cigarettes instead.

      This seems to be an argument against banning the vapes, which could be less harmful than traditional cigarettes.

    3. Virtually all e-cigarette products contain nicotine, some in high levels — including Juul's 5% pods, each of which contains as much nicotine as an entire pack of cigarettes.

      Question: Add my question here

    1. Orwell in this instance is a rather large narcissist

      I think narcissist is the perfect description of Orwell's tone in this text, as he clearly acts as if his method of tea drinking is superior, despite there being other valid methods that could improve taste or realizing that it is all personal preference. There is more than one way to make tea and if he wants people to accept his methods then he has to accept the validity of their's

    1. I think the fact that there is a “right” way to drink tea is controversial and subjective, but I also believe that the steps in order to drink tea properly have reasons that relate to how the first people who drank tea drank tea.

      This is a very well worded description of George Orwell's judgement of tea drinkers and I think your point about tea drinking methods being right or wrong being subjective is a very valid point

  4. May 2021
    1. Email tools/clients are inconsistent in how they render HTML and CSS. A designed email might look great in Gmail, broken in Outlook, and unreadable in Apple Mail. Half of all emails are opened on mobile devices (according to one study). Email looks good in different clients? Great, now make it work on a 4" screen just as well as on a desktop.
  5. Apr 2021
  6. Feb 2021
    1. No one has requested it before so it's certainly not something we're planning to add.
    2. To give a little more context, structures like this often come up in my work when dealing with NoSQL datastores, especially ones that rely heavily on JSON, like Firebase, where a records unique ID isn't part of the record itself, just a key that points to it. I think most Ruby/Rails projects tend towards use cases where these sort of datastores aren't appropriate/necessary, so it makes sense that this wouldn't come up as quickly as other structures.
  7. Jan 2021
    1. Systemd problems might not have mattered that much, except that GNOME has a similar attitude; they only care for a small subset of the Linux desktop users, and they have historically abandoned some ways of interacting the Desktop in the interest of supporting touchscreen devices and to try to attract less technically sophisticated users. If you don't fall in the demographic of what GNOME supports, you're sadly out of luck.
    1. This is probably rare enough that you would probably make a class (e.g. .link-looking-button) that incorporates the reset styles from above and otherwise matches what you do for anchor links.
    2. But of course, there are UX implications. For example, it can be harder to select the text, and the entire element needs fairly complex styling to create clear focus and hover states. There are also accessibility implications, like the fact that the content of the entire card is read before it is announced as a link.
    3. The second example also opens up the possibility of including multiple links. You can’t nest links, so things get a little tricky if you need to. It’s possible though, by making the individual links set above the card-covering link with z-index.
  8. Nov 2020
    1. Capacity models acknowledge individual differences in attentional resources and the ability to allocate these resources between multiple tasks. In addition, and according to the capacity model, some individuals have greater attentional resources than others to begin with (Kane & Engle, 2002).

      This may help to explain some of the variation we saw in students.

    2. distraction in its various forms impairs learning and subsequent recall of information
    3. The top of the figure represents posttest scores in the no-distraction condition, and thus the bars reflect the amount of impairment from a student’s normal level of performance. Conversation had the largest negative effect, impairing performance by 30% from baseline, followed by high-arousal video, video game, and texting/social media. Unexpectedly, folding laundry impaired posttest performance by over 20%, which is equivalent to two full letter grades. Least impairing was the low-arousal video, yet this condition still lowered scores by 15%, or one and a half letter grades. These results indicate that the presence of distraction during learning can lower subsequent test scores by multiple letter grades.

      This study illustrates the educational impact of different types of distractions during learning. Conversation was the most distracting and resulted in the lowest levels of learning compared to a mild distraction like low-arousal video.

    4. Older students tended to do better than younger students in the distraction conditions (r[109] = .21, p = .003). However, there was no significant relationship between age and performance on the baseline posttest (r[109] = .08, p = .24), indicating that age may play specifically a role in the level of impairment caused by distraction during learning

      Adults may be better able to manage distractions as their lives becoming increasingly more complex with more responsibilities.

    5. One notable exception to the agreement between objective and subjective measures of learning was the high-arousal video, which was an exciting sword-fighting scene. Although students did not feel distracted by the high-arousal video, their performance was very poor. This indicates that students are unaware of how certain TV programs can capture attention and induce deficits in learning

      This is an important finding as students are not always a good judge of their learning and the impact of the distractions.

  9. Oct 2020
    1. I don't want Svelte to go out of its way to try to catch all these edge cases. It would require lots of fragile heuristics in the compiler. I want a solid compiler I can trust, not something magic but often out of service. I want it the simplest possible.
    1. Whilst Svelte is a web-project, it should work on the web. The web is unfortunately still plagued by garbage like (Legacy) Edge and IE.
  10. Sep 2020
  11. Apr 2020
    1. Less than 1% of users in the world have Javascript turned off. So honestly, it's not worth anyones time accommodating for such a small audience when a large majority of websites rely on Javascript. Been developing websites for a very long time now, and 100% of my sites use Javascript and rely on it heavily. If users have Javascript turned off, that's their own problem and choice, not mine. They'll be unable to visit or use at least 90% of websites online with it turned off.
    1. Well, as a home user, I also belong to an investment club with 10 members. I also have a medium size family who I like to send photo's to, and my son is on a soccer team. all those have greater than 5 people on the list. sooooooooo..... once again, the people with valid use of the internet have to 'deal' with those that abuse it.
    1. How does HIBP handle "plus aliasing" in email addresses? Some people choose to create accounts using a pattern known as "plus aliasing" in their email addresses. This allows them to express their email address with an additional piece of data in the alias, usually reflecting the site they've signed up to such as test+netflix@example.com or test+amazon@example.com. There is presently a UserVoice suggestion requesting support of this pattern in HIBP. However, as explained in that suggestion, usage of plus aliasing is extremely rare, appearing in approximately only 0.03% of addresses loaded into HIBP. Vote for the suggestion and follow its progress if this feature is important to you.
  12. Jun 2019
    1. HHS has assessed firearm-related hospitalizations, but its data is incomplete because some states don’t require hospitals to track gunshot injuries

      Important reason for incomplete data on the subject.

    2. criminal justice, long-term health care, and security and prevention

      Gun violence costs that aren't taken into account

    3. 750,000 Americans injured by gunshots over the last decade

      Supporting evidence