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  1. Jan 2023
    1. An additional affordance of <Y> is that it may be the first known example of an ‘action‘ word, i.e. a verb (‘to give birth’), although we acknowledge that this is ambiguous: it could function as a noun, ‘birth’, or ‘place of birth’.
  2. Aug 2022
    1. Suppose that“persuaded” in 19 is replaced by one of the following words: 1322 expected, hired, tired, pleased, happy, lucky, eager, certain, easyWith “expected” replacing “persuaded,” the sentence can mean roughly thatthe fact of John’s leaving was expected; but it is impossible to speak of the factof John’s leaving being persuaded.

      Does this point to different classes of verbs based on their replaceability or not?



  3. May 2021
  4. Aug 2020
  5. Mar 2019
    1. This is one of many pages that lists verbs at various levels of Bloom's old taxonomy (verb lists for the new version are easy to find as well). This one has green bars across the page so may not be best for those who are trying to preserve ink though it is easy and attractive to use if referring to it on the screen. Rating 4/5

  6. Jan 2019
  7. Jul 2018
    1. perched

      How delicately Katherine had chosen her words! Mr.Hammond had always the feeling that Mrs.Hammond was like a bird, but a too delicate, too precious one, and that she would fly away if he let go. Here, the verb 'perch' most exquisitely demonstrated this point.

    2. Cyril still lingered

      I found the adverbs and verbs in this part of conversation between Cyril, Con and Josephine very descriptive. The subtle changes in the facial expressions and attitudes of Auntie Con and Josephine was delineated perfectly by those words when Cyril said that he didn't quite know whether his father was still fond of meringues breezily. Capturing those words may be crucial to analyze their relationships.

    3. There came a little rustle, a scurry, a hop.

      There have been some interesting verbs in the narrative thus far, especially this little cluster here. While the use of verbs has been frequent, the verbs them self have been some what gentle and not aggressive or assertive. I would be interested in performing a word frequency analysis to gather all the verbs, followed by a sentiment analysis to see if they are congruent with this theme of gentle submission / obedience which arises in the text.