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  1. Nov 2020
    1. non-profit organization that provides information and resources about meditation-related difficulties to meditators-in-distress and providers or teachers of meditation-based modalities
  2. Oct 2020
    1. I don't understand why people would acquire territories in this field if they don't even want to play.

      "I don't understand why people would acquire territories in this land if they don't even want to live."

  3. Sep 2020
    1. We want a world where you give someone something because you would like them to have it, not because you are looking to get something out of them
      <details><summary>Future Boy Conan spoiler</summary> High Harbor seems to be based on this principle. </details>
    1. Part of the reason is there’s a slight lag. No matter how good your internet is, no matter how fast it is, it seems we have this millisecond—maybe a few milliseconds—delay. So the communication isn’t in real time, even though it seems like it is. Our brains subconsciously pick up on the fact that things aren’t quite right. And the fact that things are out of sync and we’re accustomed to them being in sync when it’s face-to-face communication, our brains try to look for ways to overcome that lack of synchrony. After a few calls a day, it starts to become exhausting.

      Does this mean, if I'm naturally slow to react even in real life, it'll be exhausting for the interlocutor?

    1. You have everything that you need right here. I think that you are in charge of your attitude, which is the most important thing that you will ever have.

      I can only achieve what I can with what I have

    1. Yet, this is another reason why Sanskrit seems more suitable than other languages. The strict grammar rules, syllables, and words have reduced ambiguity making the literal meaning word and sentence. This definitely reduces the percentage of abstract meanings in the language.

      I wonder how Lojban compares.

  4. Aug 2020
    1. The stories and forms that religion takes are still driving the aspirations we have for AI. What lies behind this strange confluence of narratives? The likeliest explanation is that when we try to describe the ineffable – the singularity, the future itself – even the most secular among us are forced to reach for a familiar metaphysical lexicon.

      The difference I see is that religion, at its core, is about what is right this moment. Singularity is about what's to come.

      Some religions also talk about the future though.

    1. although there are concerns about the complexity of the Web creating barriers to entry for new implementations

      See: Gemini

    2. End users are not necessarily a homogenous group

      They also live in different countries with different infrastructure capabilities and in different economic situations. They may also live in the future!

    1. In doing so, it applied technical reasoning informed by principles and the global nature of the Internet; designing Internet standards to suit the laws of one or a few countries isn’t appropriate.

      IETF as an expert of a large-scale system that may behave in ways unexpected

    2. principals


    1. 07:20 And the reason is very simple. In life, you draw energy from so many sources you don t 07:28 even realize. You get energy from your parents, because you want to make them proud, 07:33 you get energy from your friends, because you want to be the best guy to hang out with, 07:39 you get energy from your kids, because you want to provide an amazing life for them.

      Having expectations to live up to and having the confidence that you will be able to

    2. That s when I learned another very important lesson; you don t always control your own 10:29 fate.

      Not only know what you cannot change, but expect things you cannot change to happen




    1. ネット通販、カタログ通販、ケータリングなどを利用し、外出せずに家の中での生活をたのしむ消費傾向のこと

      stay-at-home economy

    1. 道はまよはじ なるにまかせて

      Ep 8, 20:10 Kosame "There's that which happens as one carries on"

    1. You cannot imagine what it would be like to be dead, because death is an absence of existence.

      What is existence?

    1. The timescales on which a system’s processes run have critical consequences for its ability to predict and adapt to the future.

      A layer of architecture that is too slow to change: technical debt. (Pace layering)

    2. We also know that if individuals are bad at collecting good information – if they misinterpret data due to their own biases or are overconfident in their assessments – an aggregation mechanism can compensate.

      "wisdom of crowds"

    3. market engineers introduced what’s called a ‘circuit breaker’ – a rule for pausing trading when signs of a massive drop are detected.

      Discord's slowmode or other various 'lockdowns' of communication in forums also come to mind

    1. From alex.flounder.online's journal entry for 08-17-2020

    2. Sometimes what we receive takes the form of understanding; sometimes what we receive takes the form of no-understanding.

      Is no-understanding/not-knowing a state, and therefore in the relative domain?

    3. Ultimately, shikantaza is absolute, radically nondual non-doing. It’s relying on no contrivance.

      The "do nothing" meditation as Leo put it

    4. not-two


    1. “At exactly which point in the process does the pebble become magic?” says Mark.

      Despite giving off the impression of a stubborn officer, Mark asks good questions

    1. "悟り" "ほとけ" "救い" "しあわせ" などといったものを頭に描いて、それを自分の外に追い求める愚かしさ

      It's not somewhere else

    1. 客人の貴賤・貧富・賢愚・老若職業などにとらわれることなく、さりげなく出された一碗の茶。

      When I am you and you are me, wealth, status, and other attributes don't matter.

    1. 長い人生の中で起こるさまざまな苦悩や困難、それらもすべて観世音菩薩の功徳であると云える。なぜならそれは私という人間に人生の奥深さを知らしめ、より人間的・精神的に成長させるための方便だと云えるからだ。

      Think in terms of absolute good, which is infinite

    1. 自分がいつもなにげなく歩いている道、毎日ご飯を食べたり、お茶を飲んだりしている、ごくありふれた世界のいたるところに悟りの世界・大安心の境地への道が開けているのです

      It's not somewhere else; it's here.

    1. つねに移り変わりながら、新旧を超えて千古変わらぬ生命が在ることを知らなければなりません

      Something of the absolute? or of changes being the constant.

    1. 「天地と我と同根、万物と我と一体」

      As Reverto from Monster Hunter Stories said, "Be the forest, be the beast."

    2. 「一」にとどまってはいけない

      Integrate your insights with your everyday life

    1. 好日の好は好悪【こうお】の好ではありません。「嵐か、よし、嵐なにするものぞ!」、「失ってしまったか、よし、どうにかこれを改善しよう!」と、積極的に生きる決意 "よし" がこの "好" なのです

      To accept the present

    1. 「美しく咲き乱れる春の花はいったい誰の為に咲くのか」という問いかけの語

      "For whom do you do what you do?"

    1. 「悟り」の豊かなる世界は間違いなくそういった人間的な喜怒哀楽や人間のなりわいの中にこそある

      Because infinity includes everything

    1. あなたの足元に気をつけなさい

      Ask if I'm grounded. Ask if I'm aware in every direction.

    1. 獅子は百獣の王である。その獅子の中の獅子であり、獅子の王が「金毛の獅子」だ

      It is fascinating how relative forms invoke rich associations in us

    1. 菩提、本【も】と樹無し、 明鏡も亦、台に非づ 本来無一物

      Trees and mirrors are relative concepts in the end