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  1. Nov 2020
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  5. Nov 2016
    1. a specific area of the picture has been selected and rotated

      How can I comment on that specific area? According to http://iiif.io/api/presentation/2.0:

      Although normally annotations are used for associating commentary with the thing the annotation’s text is about, the Open Annotation model allows any resource to be associated with any other resource, or parts thereof, and it is reused for both commentary and painting resources on the canvas.

    2. development of the IIIF technology
  6. Jul 2015
    1. Users need digital collections that contain interoperable content or functionality that facilitates comparative analyses of digital materials.

      Enter IIIF for images

  7. May 2015
    1. Petr Pridal, from KlokanTechnologies, Switzerland, gave some insights into Georeferencer, another multi-platform, web based, collections viewer, but specifically designed for the presentation of maps. What makes Georeferencer different is the facility to create anchor points on each map that the user is viewing. This enables each map to move and zoom with the others simultaneously

      Could be interesting for displaying/interacting with GIS/geodata without leaving the browser.