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  1. Jan 2024
    1. one year ago finally when the project was set up in order to try to avoid this uh this crazy dynamic the name of the project is cicloter

      for - Cycle Terre - https://www.cycle-terre.eu/en/ - https://circulareconomy.europa.eu/platform/en/good-practices/cycle-terre-excavated-soil-urban-areas-becomes-construction-raw-material - https://www.sme-enterprize.com/sustainability-stories/environment/cycle-terre/

      description - The Cycle Terre project shifts perspectives - excavation material is no longer treated as waste to be disposed of, - but as a new raw building material for - compressed earth bricks - earth wall panels - earth coatings - https://www.cycle-terre.eu/mise-en-oeuvre/les-materiaux/ - The excavation of kilometers of tunnels to extend the Paris mass transit system will produce enormous amounts of raw feedstock for the Cycle Terre manufacturing plant.- 400 million tons!

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  5. Feb 2023
    1. Die Lebenswelt des Niklas Luhmann – die findet Schmidt jetzt manchmal auf den Rückseiten der Zettel. Denn Luhmann recycelte für seinen Kasten offenbar jeden Fetzen Papier, den er finden konnte. So kann es vorkommen, dass auf der Zettel-Vorderseite komprimierte Überlegungen zum Autopoiesis-Begriff stehen oder Zusammenfassungen unbekannter Traktate aus früheren Jahrhunderten, während auf der Rückseite erste Rechenübungen von Luhmanns Kindern zu finden sind. Oder Scheckabrechnungen. Oder Anweisungen an die Haushaltshilfe: „Kellertreppe gründlich fegen und wischen“, steht da zum Beispiel.

      google translate:

      The world of Niklas Luhmann – Schmidt now sometimes finds it on the back of the slip. Because Luhmann apparently recycled every scrap of paper he could find for his box. So it can happen that on the front of the note there are condensed reflections on the concept of autopoiesis or summaries of unknown treatises from earlier centuries, while on the back you can find the first arithmetic exercises by Luhmann's children. Or check statements. Or instructions to the household help: “Sweep and wipe the basement stairs thoroughly”, for example.

      Luhmann adhered to the standard advice to write only on one side of his cards, though perhaps not just for the usual reasons, but in part because he recycled the papers he had at hand to make his slips. On the backs of his notes one can find instructions he'd made to his household help, his children's homework papers, bank statements, and other papers he happened to have at hand.

  6. Dec 2022
    1. this is part of the problem that we're having at the moment, where one part of society is not connected to other parts of society, and they just don't actually know what they're missing. So first of all, most of the non fossil fuel system has not been constructed yet. Less than 1% of vehicles are EV now, for example. 01:03:11 As as it has to be constructed, we can't recycle it. So the first generation at least must come from mining. But if it was all manufactured tomorrow or next year say, it's not for about 10 years that we've actually, when they all wear out the first generation of materials to come in, that's enough for recycling. And so recycling, if it is going to work... And I believe it will, but that's many years into the future.

      !- Futures Thinking : Maslow's Hierarchy framing for Minerals - Effective recycling won't have impact until many years into the future because most of the non-fossil fuel systems have not yet been built. There will be a 10 year lag time before we have major amounts to recycle

  7. Aug 2022
    1. Conservationists opposed to new copper or lithium mines may point to recycling as a solution. It’s not. While a recycling and reuse industry for EV batteries will be needed, it won’t come anywhere close to supplying the necessary metals. If the number of EVs on the road today remained static for the next 20 years, recycling the metals in them might be able to make up the bulk of the demand. But EV sales are growing exponentially. There were 3 million electric cars sold globally in 2020, according to the IEA. That more than doubled in 2021 to 6.6 million. By 2030, S&P Global forecasts there will be nearly 27 million sold annually.

      Recycling won’t be enough

      The availability of recycled components won’t match the demand for new components. Also remember that the industry has reached almost 100% recycling of automotive lead acid batteries.

  8. Jul 2022
    1. Despite this, the demand for flexible packaging continues to rise. According to CEFLEX (Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging), 50% of food packaging is flexible. And Euromonitor International states that 75% of the total global flexible packaging, which represents 41% of all packaging, is flexible plastic. In Australia, according to APCO, flexible plastics make up 32.7% of all plastic packaging and have a disturbingly low recovery rate of 10.7%.

      Despite flexible plastic packaging being a pain to recycle it's on the rise.

  9. Jun 2020
  10. Feb 2017
    1. A) Lithium-ion cells used in cars aren’t especially hazardous and are classified as landfill safe, B) They’re almost all recycled anyway

      Great to know that! I've heard the myth multiple times but never found out if it was true or not (didn't search for a long time though). Links to sources would be appreciated.