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  1. Oct 2023
    1. la diffusion personnalisée : modèle prescriptif
    2. service Autorisation
    3. Le service d’autorisation permet de contrôler les accès c’est-à-dire à la fois de vérifier l’existenced’une association entre un usager et une autorisation mais également de s’assurer que les conditionsnécessaires sont satisfaites
  2. Jul 2023
  3. Sep 2021
  4. Apr 2020
  5. Jul 2018
    1. an institutional rather than a user focus

      This is key: Desires to use portfolios in institutional/program assessment practices are part of what has made them cumbersome. Portfolio use in programs that emphasized their value for students and learning have always been the best examples in my opinion (eg, Portland State, LaGuardia CC, Clemson), even if they also use them in institutional/program assessment too.

  6. Jul 2017
    1. Ten years ago, Richard Shavelson wrote that accreditation pressures could lead us to focus on easily formulated, standardized, and measured student outcomes and to neglect "personal and social responsibility" skills — "personal, civic, moral, social, and intercultural knowledge and actions." He warned that if we do not measure those, "they will drop from sight." If we neglect the ineffable outcomes in our efforts to understand what college is for, and what we accomplish in higher education, they could disappear from our attention, our aspirations, and eventually from our teaching.

      value of personal development vs. measured outcomes.