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  1. Aug 2019
    1. In their view, instructional design is centered on the learned, is oriented on a central goal, includes meaningful performance, includes a measurable outcome, is self-correcting and empirical, and is a collaborative effort. They concluded that instructional design includes the steps of analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of the instructional design

      Reiser & Dempsey 2007

  2. Jan 2019
    1. Finding Our Voice: Instructional Designers in Higher Education

      Good article written with information gathered from instructional designers at a symposium, about their roles, responsibilities and concerns and suggestions for the industry.

  3. Feb 2018
    1. highly and diversely educated.

      I find this very interesting. We are coming to this line of work from a variety of backgrounds. Perhaps it's a sign of an emerging professional. There was no such thing as an instructional design degree when I got my undergrad.

    2. 32% have doctoral degrees

      But is the doctoral degree in instructional design?

    3. 49% train someone in the use of online pedagogy at least once a day

      This is where I am currently spending most of my time in my work. It can be quite the challenge to teach online pedagogy when faculty is focused on research or face-to-face course load.

    4. reading

      More articles to annotate: https://hypothes.is/search?q=tag:%22instructionaldesign%22 Search for other keywords

    5. Does a network of instructional designers exist?

      Yas! Instructional and learning experience designers unite via Pedago.me! We are most active in our slack channel where we HOMAGO (hang out, mess around, and geek out). All are welcome.

    6. Palloff & Pratt

      I've been devouring their books as we prepare faculty to begin teaching online

    7. and

      No Learning Experience Design (LXD) title anywhere?

    8. too little time

      I often feel like there is not enough time to do all the things required of my job.

    9. so little public awareness

      Maybe we need a Public Service Announcement about our work :) http://www.storyboardthat.com/articles/e/public-service-announcements

    10. instructional designers have positioned themselves as pivotal players in the design and delivery of learning experiences

      Have you been able to play a pivotal role at your institution? If not, what pirvotal changes would you like to make?

  4. Nov 2017
    1. new methodologies

      Are they really new? Or is it figuring out how to utilize tech to support interactivity, engagement, community etc. but in an asynchronous community when time and space CANNOT be leveraged.

  5. Apr 2016
    1. All Pearson-backed schools agree to test students frequently and use software and analytics to track outcomes.

      Sadly standardized testing works perfectly as a gear in the analytics world :(

  6. Jan 2016
  7. Oct 2015
    1. The compromise here is easy.  Faculty accept the expertise of the educational experts and instructional designers, and welcome them into their course design process as a resource rather than competitors.  At the same time, educational experts and instructional designers should accept the expertise of the faculty.  Stop trying to tell them what education is.

      THIS because = awesome & true