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  1. Jun 2022
  2. Nov 2021
    1. https://archive.nytimes.com/www.nytimes.com/interactive/2009/09/04/opinion/20090908_opart.html?_r=0

      We recognize letters in reading much better by reading the top of letters rather than by reading the bottom of letters.

      As a result of this, closing the tops of letters properly is important in writing.

      An alternate method of holding one's writing instrument between fore-finter and middle finer with the thumb near the tip can alleviate forearm, wrist, and thumb pain.

  3. Aug 2021
  4. Feb 2021
    1. those who don’t usually end up in jail

      This made me pause, given how many people end up in jail not because they haven't made themselves legible, but because they aren't seen as legible by the (technocratic) systems that jail people. I'd make this point differently...

    2. Yet the lack of technical formalizability does not imply there is nothing systematic about achieving legibility.

      On achieving legibility systematically.

    3. Let us call this goal “fidelity”, as it tries to make the formal system as true to the world as possible and contrasts with “optimality”. Yet, as the same time, they must recognize that whatever they design, it will fail to capture critical elements of the world. In order to allow these failures to be corrected, it will be necessary for the designed system to be comprehensible by those outside the formal community, so they can incorporate the unformalized information through critique, reuse, recombination and broader conversation in informal language. Let us call this goal “legibility”.

      Where the author defines very useful terms of "fidelity" and "legibility".

  5. Jan 2021
    1. Ways will be found to make communities sustainable,

      Ways will also be found to legibilize the deliberately inscrutable. With biomed funding so centralized, forces can be applied to increase the adoption of practices like data sharing and open science.

  6. Jul 2019
  7. Feb 2019
    1. This  imposed simplification, in service of legibility to the state’s eye, makes the rich reality brittle

      Does legibility necessarily imply antifragility?

    2. Or at least more legible to the all-seeing statist eye in the sky (many of the pictures in the book are literally aerial views) than to the local, embedded, eye on the ground.

      One of Ostrom's insights about common pool resources is that the community regulates themselves better than distant governors, because they have this local knowledge.