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  1. Aug 2023
    1. You can mark topics provided by request headers as observed by setting an Observe-Browsing-Topics: ?1 header on the response to the request. The browser will then use those topics to calculate topics of interest for a user.
    1. A spec to optimize ad targeting (respectful of privacy, they say... 😂🤣).

      Fuck you Google with your dystopian API:

      ```js // document.browsingTopics() returns an array of BrowsingTopic objects. const topics = await document.browsingTopics();

      // Get data for an ad creative. const response = await fetch('https://ads.example/get-creative', { method: 'POST', headers: { 'Content-Type': 'application/json', }, body: JSON.stringify(topics) });

      // Get the JSON from the response. const creative = await response.json();

      // Display the ad. (or not) ```

  2. Sep 2021
  3. Sep 2016
    1. Rather than studying people, ethnography means learning from people

      involves making inferences and knowing back round knowledge

    2. understand another way of life from the native point of view.

      the work of ethnographic fieldwork is to understand and observe new cultures

  4. Jan 2016
    1. Raj: It all depends on where you’re standing as you’re observing it. Because I will tell you, again, that from my vantage point this is cause for great Joy and great Joy is being experienced by those of us standing in attendance, you might say, as you reach out and desire to embrace, and thus express Mind, thus express your natural inherent Sanity.
    1. Stop trying to figure it out, Paul. The process of “observing” is the Conscious Function of Mind. That which is being “observed” is Mind’s Universal Function of being Conscious Being. In other words, Being—Mind—by being, projects or manifests Itself, and is the Observing of the Process. It is the projector, the image, and the observing of it.

      So this is powerful.... to 'observe' is the Conscious Functioning of the Mind... figuring out is the human mind. Then as I observe, I am a Conscious Being, in Mind observing itSelf... All One... and I can even observe the projector and the image as a part of all of this.

  5. Nov 2015
    1. In spite of appearances, Fourth-dimensionally speaking, you and your family’s whole Universe—being the infinite Expression of the One that each One is—is lovingly and wonderfully bent on the fulfillment of infinite progression. You have an opportunity here to observe, to participate in, and be the experience of being Conscious Being, and to observe the most unique way in which being out from Mind resolves the illusion of conflict within the three-dimensional frame of reference.
    1. PAUL: Okay, Raj, I’m alone… RAJ: Although you caught it, I want to amplify on it. “Alone” is a three-dimensional concept implying that there’s everyone else, and then there’s “me.” This is ego. You’ve got to be alert. Notice that your body is having physical sensations that you recognize as feeling disheartened, worried, or fearful. Notice that it has an intent; it is not just a feeling. It is there to motivate you to “do” something objective. Notice that in observing it, the I that is You that is observing is clear, unmoved, and at peace.

      Raj reminds Paul to be alert to the the ego. That 'alone' is a 3d concept, ego, suggesting that there is everyone else and then there is me. Raj brings Paul's attention to witnessing the body which is having physical sensations and feeling e.g. disheartened. Raj goes onto share that the ego has an intent to motivate Paul to do something objective. And even though this is occurring, it can be observed and the 'I' the Being observing is unmoved and at peace.

    2. To be alone with one’s Being is to be totally Present, Universally Present, without one iota projected “out there.” It is to have no other Mind but God. Notice that Its intent is not directed at you. Notice that It does not try to coerce you. Notice that you are not aware of a separate selfhood upon which It can act. Don’t try to reason it out or figure it out. Just notice It. At the present moment, you are not completely free of the inclination to believe that you are what ego says, and that you are in a pickle. On the other hand, you are not buying the story, either. Just notice.

      Raj defines 'presence' as to be alone with one's Being and conscious that there is only the Mind of God.

      Raj prompts Paul to notice that in 'presence' there is no sense of separateness.

      Again Raj suggests to just observe, to just notice the ego and its antics...

  6. Oct 2015
    1. Apparently existing simultaneously in two dimensions, you will be able to observe the structural patterns and changes that occur, and you will begin to understand experientially why things appeared the way they did from a three-dimensional-only standpoint.
    1. You have found that sometimes I am not even going to say something new, in the sense of something radically different from what you are able to understand. Observe, Paul, that it effectively cuts off communication when you begin to try to think for yourself and figure this out.

      Ahh and here he says that it cuts off the communication.