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    1. dsDNA substrate is best for insertions or deletions greater than approximately 20 nucleotides, while ssDNA substrate is best for point mutations or changes of only a few base pairs. 
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    1. Aminimumof%20basepairsinacompletelyhomologoussegmentisrequiredforsignificantrecombination.Thereisanexponentialincreaseinthefre-quencyofrecombinationwhenthelengthofhomologousDNAisincreasedfrom20basepairsto74basepairsandanapparentlylinearincreasewithlongerDNAsegments.Mis-matcheswithinahomologoussegmentcandramaticallyde-creasethefrequencyofrecombination.

      A minimum of 20 base pairs in a completely homologous segment is required for significant recombination. There is an exponential increase in the frequency of recombination when the length of homology increases from 20 to 74 bp and an apparently linear increase with longer DNA segments. Mismatches within a homologous segment can dramatically decrease the frequency of recombination.

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