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    1. now we talk i talk about a few ideas good regulators requisite variety self-organized criticality and then the 01:35:04 free energy principle from active inference um and uh maybe i'll just try to briefly talk mention what's what those means for what those ideas mean for people who 01:35:15 aren't familiar so good regulator really came from the good regular theorem or whatever it's called really came from cybernetics ash ashby yeah a lot his law of requisite 01:35:33 variety and uh the it's the concept is that a organism or a you know a system must be must be a model of that which it but 01:35:47 that needs to control

      These are technical terms employed in this model: * Good regulators * Requisite variety * Self-organized criticality * Free energy principle

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    1. Regulating cryptocurrency without hindering innovation is a challenge for many governments. But Japan seems to be striking a pretty good balance. After the Coincheck incident, the FSA “studied very hard about cryptocurrency and cybersecurity” and wound up better informed than most consultants in the industry, says Oki Matsumoto, chairman and managing director of Monex, Coincheck’s new owner.

      <big>评:</big><br/><br/>中介是多余的,但是它促进了市场资本主义中社会和人的有机互惠,散发出人情味儿;去中介化的点对点模式是高效的,但却单一追求不信任个体间的速生联系,显得冰冷淡漠。在行业监管这件事上,日本政府也活学活用玩起了「去中介化」,甩掉了那帮以兜售智谋为生的顾问,直接参与到行业监管政策的制定和落实过程中。这本不是什么很有人情味的举动,但却因为一个较为开放的结果而受到了区块链从业者的一致好评。或许这将启发人们思考,什么是「合格」(qualified)的监管者?什么是「好」(enlightened)的监管者?怎样才能被 Oki Matsumoto 称为 “better informed”?