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  1. Mar 2023
    1. We go around assuming ours is a world in which speakers — people, creators of products, the products themselves — mean to say what they say and expect to live with the implications of their words. This is what philosopher of mind Daniel Dennett calls “the intentional stance.” But we’ve altered the world. We’ve learned to make “machines that can mindlessly generate text,” Bender told me when we met this winter. “But we haven’t learned how to stop imagining the mind behind it.”

      Intentional Stance

      We (mostly) assume people mean what they say. What happens when we live in a world where we can no longer assume that.

  2. Feb 2023
    1. The intentional stance is the strategy of interpretingthe behavior of an entity ... by treating it as if it were arational agent ”

      Definition of "intentional stance"

      We use anthropomorphic language as a shortcut for conveying a concept...giving an inanimate object agency to interact with the world as humans do as a way of plain-language explaining what is happening.

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  6. Sep 2020
    1. If you want this control then wrap them in a DOM node that the parent controls. If you want to pass in values then use props and if you want to pass in values from higher up the tree, the new style RFC may be able to help.
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  8. May 2020
    1. When you are eager to begin the coursework in your major that will prepare youfor your career, getting excited about an introductory college writing course can bedifficult.

      This could be a stance, the attitude that the writer has towards the subject is that it's a hard subject to be excited about. It's also an expectation the author has towards what the reader may be thinking about an introductory writing course.

    2. Mostof your writing assignments—from brief response papers to in-depth researchprojects—will depend on your understanding of course reading assignments orrelated readings you do on your own. And it is difficult, if not impossible, to writeeffectively about a text that you do not understand

      The attitude that the author has towards developing better reading skills, is that it is difficult to write about a topic you can't understand fully. This is also the goal that the author has for the students.

  9. Nov 2019
    1. vulnerabilities in industrial control system devices before patches can be applied.

      Unsure about this. There are various threat detection methods... unless there are APT actors using things like zero days. ... Or I guess really anyone acquiring zero-days on darknet?