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    1. Another perspective that supports the social nature of education comes from Vygotsky (1978), whose theory of the zone of proximal development proposes that optimal learning is achieved through both teacher’s guidance and peer interaction.  The zone of proximal development is the distance between what an individual can learn on his/her own and the potential for learning with an instructor or a community of peers

      Gap between learning on your own, or learning in community is an interesting topic. I see this as an issue for both in person engagement and online engagement

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    1. das internet hat als eine gewissermaßen eine transzendente tendenz es die in seiner richtung her vom intranet von etwas abgekapselten zum 00:27:11 internet als hatten sich die tendenz alle grenzen zu überschreiten und alles miteinander zu vernetzen alles miteinander in beziehung zu setzen das finde ich interessant das internet besitzt und es auch nicht interessanter 00:27:24 punkt eine epidemische eigenlogik die vor allem mit dem suchen nach informationen

      Transzendente Tendenz des Internets - umgreifende Vernetzung - Erinnert mich jetzt an die Zone der nächsten Entwicklung von Vygotsky. Hat das lernende Subjekt auch eine transzendente Tendenz?

  4. Feb 2020
    1. The move toward social constructivist pedagogical models, initiated by researchers such as Piaget and Vygotsky, makes the wiki a potentially useful educational tool. The wiki can provide the medium by which learners communicate and negotiate in their efforts to reach a shared understanding of a problem (Bruns, 2005).

      Social constructivist pedagogical models make the wiki a useful tool. It provides a medium by which learners communicate and negotiate in their efforts to reach a common understanding.

  5. Jun 2018
    1. historically accumulated and culturallydeveloped bod[ies] of knowledge and skills essential for household or individual functioning andwell-being

      What is the meme version of of historically accumulated. Clearly memes are deeply influenced by funds of knowledge as evident by Black Twitter yet they are more temporal and draw heavily on pop culture. At the same time having a deep meme game also signifies status in digital culture.

    1. The main conclusions reached by Vygotsky and Luria on the basis of this study were that informants who retain a traditional nonliterate culture and way of life tend to solve problems by using functional reasoning reflecting their everyday life practical experience and reject the possibility of looking at classification, generalization, or drawing conclusions from another; for example, more abstractive point of view.

      Vygotsky's study of possible historical changes in human cognition. The main conclusion explained.

    1. teractions, his elementary mental functions evolved into his “higher mental functions” or HMF. Unlike elementary mental functions, they are stimulated. They are taught, and they are learned in social settings or environments, and they often come with socia

      Stimulation plays a role in childhood education as they are taught through socializing and interacting in their environment.

    2. The process of learning also required him to work closely with other people besides his teachers, such as older students and classmates.

      Students learn best by interacting with others, as they playa role in society.

  6. May 2018
    1. A contemporary application of Vygotsky's theories is "reciprocal teaching," used to improve students' ability to learn from text. In this method, teacher and students collaborate in learning and practicing four key skills: summarizing, questioning, clarifying, and predicting. The teacher's role in the process is reduced over time.

      It would be useful to compare this with Laurillard's conversational model

  7. Feb 2018
    1. The triangle represents the theory that learning is mediated

      What does "mediated" mean here?

  8. Aug 2016
    1. this contradicts Piaget's view of universal stages and content of development.

      Doesn't everyone?

    2. Lev Vygotsky

    3. he died at the age of 38

      A moving obituary by Alexander Luria, another eminent psychologist responsible for articulating and advocating cultural-historical psychology (a precursor to sociocultural/situative perspectives).

  9. Mar 2016
    1. By now I had become quite hooked on experimenting with the system, and lots of questions along the line of “I wonder what would happen if?…” sprang to mind.

      Sounds like this is a shared experience we have, as we dig deeper into #SonicPi. Even SPi author Sam Aaron described something similar, in an interview (ca. 33:27). Might have to do with the affordances of a system meant for learning. You know, “scaffolding” and all that.