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  1. Mar 2018
    1. the golden record

      What is this? (Perhaps describe what you're reflecting on here; imagine an audience that is unfamiliar with the course or your readings.)

    2. schematics of the material t

      What does this mean?

    3. a new form of appreciation towards the process behind the creation of the golden record.

      Explain this "new form" of appreciation?

    4. a different way

      Different from what?

    1. This source does not connect with my panel, I initially thought that when I first came across this site gave an “over-time” interactive map that will show areas where HIV/AIDS were heavily concentrated throughout Los Angeles, but it only shows an interactive map of where it is heavily concentrated today.

      Interesting. Good. But remember, whatever cultural group you end up studying, it's likely that group exists today with a relationship to HIV/AIDS>

    2. Founded September 4, 1781, Los Angeles is a city

      The source you're evaluating is the website for the city of LA? Okay. But this seems far from useful for research centering on 1980s. What do you think?

    3. the masses

      "the masses"? Who specifically is likely to find the facts housed on this site useful? For what purposes?

    4. ia font is a font created by Russell Bean, who did a various amount of designing from graphic design to typography to lettering design. He moved out to Los Angeles and worked for various studios by cre

      Again... this is a primary source. Instead, research the effect of fonts...?

    5. A Chorus Line, a Broadway musical based off the book by James K

      This is being used as a primary source. That's why it doesn't really make sense to follow the format I'm requiring for the AB. Replace this with a secondary source about the musical.

  2. Jan 2018