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  1. Jun 2019
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    1. The good hand of God favored our beginnings," Bradford mused, by "sweeping away great multitudes of the natives ... that he might make room for us.

      A sentiment that was echoed by Cotton Mather in Magnalia Christi Americana in 1702.

    2. robbing Indian houses and graves

      Not part of the story we usually focus on...

  3. Oct 2018
    1. oppressive patriarchal language, and employs literary synesthesia to represent women’s resistance against oppression.

      We see a woman who is controlled by her doctor husband. He tries to take away even the most simplest things in her life because she is too "ill" which not only include the room downstairs by the roses in which she wants to stay in but he decides on an old school roof, and tries to take away her ability to journal saying that it takes up too much energy. The woman is forced into a room that in the end, drives her insane, but she takes matters into her own hands and resists his control of her writing by keeping a secret journal she write in, mostly when he is gone. The narrator stands up and resists his control on her writing and continues to do it, even though she has to sneak and hide it.

  4. Jan 2018
  5. Oct 2017
    1. In fact, members of the Long Now would have me say that it was founded in the year 01996, a way of writing dates that presently accommodates a further 97,985 years. To put this into perspective—50,000 years before the Long Now runs out of digits, Niagara Falls will have eroded its remaining 32 kilometers to Lake Erie. That communion will occur a full 30,000 years after, according to one lexico-statistical model, the point at which human languages will have retained only one percent of their present-day words. By the time the Long Now has a Y100k problem, the constellations you recognize will be gone from the sky. I lay this out to make the point that Long Now folks embed a puckishly provocative optimism in everything they do.

      Is it just me, or am I detecting an underlying disdain from the author towards The Long Now Foundation? If so, I would not blame her as the beliefs The Long Now hold appear surreal and unbelievable to me. I was unaware that their was a group that held such views.

  6. Sep 2017
    1. Widespread claims by government health authorities that fluoride is completely safe at current exposure levels are false

      Arguing against mainstream thoughts/government structures.

    2. how we are all essentially being lied to about the safety of artificial fluoride chemicals in our water.

      Not explaining what lies occur.

    3. holds nothing back when it comes to telling it like it is, even when "it" goes against the prevailing schools of thought within his profession

      Portraying mainstream media as the enemy, "Real Truth" is hidden away.

  7. Sep 2016
    1. In order to discover the hidden principles of another way of life, the researcher must become a student

      To discover hidden views one must become a student while local people from the area you are studying becomes the teacher, the ethnographer tries to learn about how certain things identified the people

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    1. "The emotional quality of these themes contradicts a great deal of the heady rhetoric suroundingmuchwritingoncriticalreflection.Although there are stories recounting transformative breakthroughs, emancipation,liberationandempowerment,whatfigureequaly strongly are these tales from the dark side. They represent thehidenunderbelytotheinspirationaltoneimbuing discusionofcriticalreflectionandcriticalpedagogy."