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  1. Oct 2023
    1. was contributed by a member of the collective in the hours before the event

      contributed by a member - but not reviewed or approved by the other members? it sounds like one member took advantage of the collective-authorship context and even sabotaged the group's presentation.

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  7. Apr 2019
    1. Ashley Norris is the Chief Academic Officer at ProctorU, an organization that provides online exam proctoring for schools. This article has an interesting overview of the negative side of technology advancements and what that has meant for student's ability to cheat. While the article does culminate as an ad, of sorts, for ProctorU, it is an interesting read and sparks thoughts on ProctorU's use of both human monitors for testing but also their integration of Artificial Intelligence into the process.

      Rating: 9/10.

  8. Mar 2018