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    1. He bitterly deplored the false pride which led his friend to a conduct so little worthy of the affection that united them. He lost no time in endeavouring to seek him out, with the hope of persuading him to begin the world again through his credit and assistance.

      This substantial revision in 1831 seems to place greater blame on Beaufort for his condition as a matter of "false pride", implying that Beaufort's sins have betrayed the affection that once united thim with Victor's father. In the 1818 version, his father's primary concern is for the loss of Beaufort's company and his contributions to Genevese society.

    1. syndics

      A syndic was the mayor or head of administration of a commune or canton. In Geneva, they were part of a council appointed by the legislature to govern the republic.

    2. And now my wanderings began

      "Guided by a slight clue," Victor tracks the monster from Geneva along the windings of the Rhone southward to the Mediterranean. He spots the monster hiding in a ship and follows him to the Black Sea, through the wilds of Tartary and Russia. Ultimately, he travels northward into the ice.

    3. Cologny

      Cologny is a municipality in Geneva, Switzerland. In the late 16th century and into the 17th century several Geneva publishers moved to or set up offices in Cologny. Perhaps not coincidently, it is also home to the Villa Diodati, where Frankenstein and The Vampyre was begun.

    4. A house was purchased for us near Cologny

      Cologny, a small town in Switzerland, is approximately one hour's walk to the east of Geneva.

    5. we passed the river Drance

      The river Drance empties into Lake Geneva between Thonon-les-Bains and Évian-les-Bains.