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  1. Nov 2021
    1. I know a number of my subs and viewers are in India and I've noticed on Twitter and on Abhijit Chavda's channel that there's quite a bit of controversy about the way Indian History is taught to Indian students. That interests me a lot, but what I'm PARTICULARLY interested in is, how World History surveys throughout the world cover world history. If part of this involves continuing the narratives introduced by colonizers, like the Aryan Invasion myth, that's relevant to my question.
  2. Apr 2021
  3. May 2019
    1. In the battle between Hindu supremacists and elite egalitarian, 'minority-exploitative' political forces, supremacists won. A new, ''Modified' India is on the wings. Not for everyone.

    1. This week, he triumphantly reaped one of the biggest electoral harvests of the post-truth age, giving us more reason to fear the future
    2. India witnessed a savage assault on not just democratic institutions and rational discourse but also ordinary human decency

      This will go from bad to worse

    3. fictions has been steadily enhanced by India’s troll-dominated social media as well as cravenly sycophantic newspapers and television channels.

      Fiction + trolls + pliant news media = Modi returns. This will go from bad to worse.

    4. From the beginning, he was careful to present himself to his primary audience of stragglers as one of them: a self-made individual who had to overcome hurdles thrown in his way by an arrogant and venal elite that indulged treasonous Muslims while pouring contempt on salt-of-the-earth Hindus like himself.

      This was not just his narrative; it was the narrative of everyone in his coterie.

    5. abandonment

      The two India's India and Bharat now come to haunt us. This is the rise of an apparently disenfranchised India. Will it augur well for all of us?

    6. India is a grotesquely unequal society

      Unequal and inequitable

    7. Mr. Modi and his Hindu nationalist supporters seemed to plunge an entire country into a moronic inferno.

      Consolidation of Hindu supremacist regime.

    8. he is an unreconstructed ethnic-religious supremacist, with fear and loathing as his main political means.

      This will get worse over the next five years!

    9. Over five years of Mr. Modi’s rule, India has suffered variously from his raw wisdom

      and more to come

    10. Mr. Modi has confirmed that the leader of the world’s largest democracy is dangerously incompetent.

      Yet he keeps winning. Why and how?

  4. Jun 2017