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  1. Jun 2019
  2. Apr 2019
    1. The same way many social networks track keystone metrics like time to X followers, they should track the ROI on posts for new users. It's likely a leading metric that governs retention or churn. It’s useful as an investor, or even as a curious onlooker to test a social networks by posting varied content from test accounts to gauge the efficiency and fairness of the distribution algorithm.
  3. Mar 2019
    1. 4 tips to implement just in time learning at your organization This article is published by Udemy so it would appear to be credible. Reading is a bit difficult because of the light font and a sales orientation can be discerned. Nonetheless it does have some useful tips such as encouraging professional developers to 'redefine how you measure learning.' rating 3/5

  4. Nov 2016
  5. Mar 2016
    1. Le kilométrage varie selon les versions !

      Là aussi, rien d'immuable, chaque époque imposant son interprétation et son ton.

      Un journaliste du Voir a créé une liste de citations similaires intitulée : 5000 ans d'enfants roi. ;-)


      Si jamais elle disparaissait du Voir, j'en ai une copie. Simplement m'écrire.