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    1. I'm curious if anyone has ever experimented with making an online Luhmann-esque Zettelkasten using WikiMedia as their platform?

      What were the pros/cons you found for doing so?

      Have you tried other methods (index cards, Obsidian, other(s)?), and if so what affordances did MediaWiki provide or were lacking for what you were attempting to accomplish?

      Did you use transclusion functionality?

      Did you attempt to build or implement backlink functionality? Use the API or plugins for this?

      Did you build some sort of custom index (manually, programatically, other)?

      If you used it for writing, what methods did you attempt with respect to taking the smaller pieces/ideas and building them up into longer written pieces?

      Links to specific public examples are welcome here. I'll also accept links to public versions of commonplace books or similar forms which also use MediaWiki as their infrastructure.

      syndication link: https://www.reddit.com/r/Zettelkasten/comments/144hzn9/zettelkasten_with_mediawiki/

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    1. Highlights

      = Highlights - Patents granted for unoriginal inventions if prior art outside of the patent literature missed. - Misses most of free and open source software and hardware - number in millions. - = Open Source Hardware Association - created a certification database - centralized prior art. - Novel tool has a semi-automated way of certification from = MediaWiki - websites. - = OSHWA - certification completed on average in 62.5% less than direct form filling.

    2. Towards open source patents: Semi-automated open hardware certification from MediaWiki websites

      = TITLE - Towards = open source patents - Semi-automated = open hardware - certification - from = MediaWiki websites

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    1. Extension:DynamicPageList3 suggested by:

      I'm using the DynamicPageList3 extension to show backlinks and the NamespacePreload extension to preload this in all new pages:<br>{{#dpl:<br>linksto={{FULLPAGENAME}}<br>|ordermethod = lastedit<br>|order = ascending<br>}}

      — Doug Holton (@edtechdev) June 8, 2021
      <script async src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

      for adding [[backlinks]] to [[MediaWiki]] sites

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