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  1. Jul 2023
    1. we talk about human rights and we want to  protect our human rights. We have to expand   that sense of human rights to the rest of the  world and understood. We don't have the right to   00:21:48 destroy that diversity which is critical and which  has inherent value.
      • for: human rights, nonhuman rights
  2. Aug 2022
  3. Feb 2021
  4. Apr 2017
    1. we attempt to build an ontology for new media objects, one that acknowledges the (rhetorical) agency of those objects and attempts to ascertain what ways of being-in-the-world they open up for us beyond the dangers of excessive technological rationality

      I feel that this is the significant turn from last week's readings. Continuing from attempts from Biesecker et al. to disrupt the rhetor-opponent-audience triangle, posthuman rhetoric is looking beyond the exclusively human dynamics of that triangle.

  5. Jun 2015
    1. our lack of hardwired patterns of behavior

      This passage reminds me of Lyotard's introduction to The Inhuman, and this Onion article.