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  1. Mar 2021
    1. Sociologist Michael Warner built on this some ten years later, saying:Counterpublics are spaces of circulation in which it is hoped that the poiesis of scenemaking will be transformative, not replicative merely.Poiesis is a fancy way of talking about the art and the act of creating, inventing — and it’s closely related to technique. Consciously making a scene that others can join in with.Economist Kim Crayton’s antiracism programme, Cause a Scene speaks directly to this: she is bringing a clear set of principles to life through leadership training and sharing content to achieve “strategic disruption of the status quo in technical organizations”.Making a scene is galvanising and welcoming, dynamic and inclusive by default.

      I like this idea of creating a space and causing a scene to pull people in.

      Not too dissimilar to the aculturation Hollywood does to help normalize certain activities just by showing them increasingly.

      Definitely want to circle back to this with additional examples and expand on it.

  2. Feb 2021
  3. parsejournal.com parsejournal.com
    1. potential of mise en scène for exploring thinking as something that happens in the world and in a situation of entanglement with the world
    2. non-representationalist understanding of thinking as proposed by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari in their What is Philosophy? (1994). Point of connection is the notion of mise en scène
  4. Nov 2020
  5. Oct 2020
    1. They also found themselves unable to sustain and organize in the long term in a manner proportional to the energy they had been able to attract initially and the legitimacy they enjoyed in their demands.

      This reminds me of an excellent example I heard recently on Scene on Radio's Men series which tells the story of a rape which occurred several years prior to the bus boycott that helped to rally the community and make the bus boycott far more successful than it would have been without the prior incident and local reportage.

      The relevant audio begins (with some background) at approximately 22:40 into the episode.

  6. Dec 2019
    1. German stories of ghosts,

      These German ghost stories were translated into French for the book Mary, Percy, and Byron read during the summer; its French title was Fantasmagoria; ou Recueil d'Histoires, d'Apparitions, de Spectres, Revenans, Fantomes, etc., translated by Jean-Baptiste Benoit Eyries in 1812.

  7. Sep 2018
    1. Fra. This is most strange,That she, who even but now, was your best object,The argument of your praise, balm of your age,The best, the dearest, should in this trice of timeCommit a thing so monstrous, to dismantleSo many folds of favour: sure her offenceMust be of such unnatural degree,That monsters it: Or your fore-voucht affectionFall into Taint; which to believe of herMust be a faith, that reason without miracleShould never plant in me.

      In this passage the King of France is acknowledging the difference in Cordelia's answer about how much she loves her father. The King of France finds it strange that Cordelia's answer changes Lear's whole perspective of his daughter so quickly, yet he understands the amount of disrespect he is feeling. At the same time King of France finds bravery in Cordelia and still wants to marry her.

  8. Apr 2018
    1. Crystal meth and ecstasy are the drugs of choice for these “instant parties” because of their psychotropic effects, and in the case of crystal meth, their ability to help people stay awake well into the night and prevent ejaculation during sex.

      This is an underlying secondary cause for the spread of HIV/AIDS. The sharing of these psychoactive drugs allows this disease to pass from individual to individual easier. For a while, society assumed it was only caused by sex among gay men. This allowed society to become more vulnerable because of their misinformation, allowing needles shared between individuals to disperse HIV/AIDS.

  9. Sep 2014
    1. Avoiding ads doesn't help much either. Because brand images are part of the cultural landscape we inhabit, when we block ads or fast-forward through them, we're missing out on valuable cultural information, alienating ourselves from the zeitgeist. This puts us in danger of becoming outdated, unfashionable, and otherwise socially hapless. We become like the kid who wears his dad's suit to his first middle-school dance.

      Unless you accumulate friends who also avoid ads, who think you're less cool for having allowed yourself to be exposed to them or for deploying them too conspicuous as social signaling, at least when that brand is not favored by that scene. Ironically, of course, most scenes are simply favoring different brands, because it's hard to accumulate any significant set of material trappings that aren't branded.

  10. Oct 2013
    1. Three chief features of these clever, pointed sayings are: (1) antithesis, (2) metaphor, and (3) actuality or vividness (i.e. the power of "setting the scene before our eyes").