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    1. Apr 5, 2022 — MicroStrategy (MSTR), a bitcoin-accumulating business-intelligence software company, said it bought another 4,167 BTC for around $190.5 million.microstrategy bitcoinmicrostrategy bitcoin holdingsmicrostrategy bitcoin holdings chartmicrostrategy bitcoin purchase historymicrostrategy selling bitcoinbitcoin pricePeople also search for
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  5. Apr 2021
    1. food courts

      Superb construction, exclusive design, and modern architecture are some of the unique features of the project Gulshan One129 project recently launched by Gulshan Homz. From office space to commercial food court space in Noida, the mall caters to all your requirements. Each retail shop is excellently designed for better visibility and space utilization. If you are looking for a commercial property in Noida sector 129, book your space now and get the possession on or before June 2021.

  6. Oct 2020
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      lacks actual evidence. Only relies on shock value to appeal to ethos. Opinion based, no facts.

  7. May 2019
    1. The results of the study indicate that education of the future business leaders calls for a contextualized approach to business ethical dilemmas.

      The main goal of this article is to understand how the perspective about business ethics between business student and non-business students differ, and the results show that we indeed do need contextualized approach to business ethical dilemmas