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  1. Feb 2016
    1. Elections Podcast: A Round Of Candidate Buy/Sell/Hold

      I really do with these included transcripts. I'm not ever going to listen to these; I'd love to read them, though.

    1. Open

      I'm so blown away by the possibilities. I'm trying to now figure out how to blend hypothes.is with Zotero, so I can grab the bibliographic info and store my reading while leaving my annotations behind . . . amazing stuff here.

    1. “The whole point of this bill is to keep us from having different minimum wages in cities across the state.”

      i.e. to keep poor people poor.

    1. “I would just like to apologize to all my fans in Mississippi for my show being canceled tonight due to the state alcohol beverage control saying that my show violates some law out there,” Freedia posted on her Facebook page, announcing that the show would be canceled. “This is some twerkloose bullshit.”

      And racism in Mississippi is alive and well, of course.

    1. The Life of Pablo is starting to feel like a full-scale attack on the very ontology of the album itse

      Of course, but that's very different than the end-of-the-album debate.

    2. We might say that Pablo’s life hasn’t begun, but we might also say that Pablo’s life is currently infinite.

      Yes. It's the evolution of what the album is, what work is in this current network system we inhabit. Why does it ever have to finish?

    1. According to the entrance poll in Nevada, Clinton won black voters 76 percent to 22 percent. To put that in context, Clinton’s margin is only slightly smaller than Barack Obama’s 83 percent to 14 percent win with black voters in the 2008 Nevada caucuses.
    1. We recommend that you have students tag their annotations with a course tag

      So should we use the group function or the tag function? I suppose it depends on whether we want to be public or not?

    1. “I want you to think about this,” Clinton said, addressing young voters. “It can't be just about what we're going to give to you.

      Smart move.

    1. students map arguments

      How can students "map" these arguments. Is there a way to connect pages overtly?

    2. 9. Annotation as Annotated Bibliography

      I'm going to work this into their research this term as my writers begin their research project. I wonder if there's a way to integrate this with Zotero? I also

    3. users to pre-populate a set of controlled terms

      Yes. This kind of functionality would be helpful indeed.

    1. Gloria Berger has no value to add to any of these discussions, as far as I can tell.

    1. What's Kasich's rationale for staying in?

    2. I’d be surprised if he doesn’t drop out of the race soon.

      What's his argument for staying in?

    3. Democratic Caucuses: Live Cover

      These blogs are so useful.

    1. before students can write a coherent five-paragraph essay

      Someone who thinks that writing five-paragraph essays is a goal has no business being published.

    1. “to be based on its concern for its business model and public brand marketing strategy.”

      And it sounds like this essay is furthering this argument, no?

    2. Apple Sees Value in Privacy Vow
    1. Because the FBI will not hire anyone with a 24-inch purple mohawk, 10-gauge ear piercings, and a tattooed face who demands to smoke weed while working and won't work for less than a half-million dollars a year. But you bet your ass that the Chinese and Russians are hiring similar people with similar demands and have been for many years. It's why we are decades behind in the cyber race.


    2. This is the point: "We all know that's impossible."

    1. That’s not to say the party has settled on Rubio

      I don't understand how after Christie publicly exposed what we all knew for years, the party is deciding on him over say Kasich. They know he's gonna get exposed for the lightweight he is.

    1. SEC Primary

      Football so dominates the South it is inextricable from its politics. It's fascinating that the national media has picked up on this.

    1. A "Standard view" opening.

    2. hen you make a stupid remark its stupidity will be obvious, even to yourself.

      which is the gift, right? If we can edit our own work to discover its empty phrases, we can replace the empty language with positive stuff.

    3. It has nothing to do with correct grammar and syntax, which are of no importance so long as one makes one's meaning clear, or with the avoidance of Americanisms, or with having what is called a "good prose style."

      Anyone who construes Orwell as a prescriptivist must deal with this passage.

    1. Object-oriented ontology is often viewed

      You should read Andrew Cole's, "Those Obscure Objects of Desire," for a strong counter point to this "ontology."

    1. lds 16 Point Le

      Rebublicans are nut jobs.

    1. I'm testing this technology out, but to follow up on my previous comment. I like the idea of bringing your mother's view (kind of a "standard view, in fact) here, but I wonder if you couldn't tweak this to where you're writing for a particular reason to your audience. I'm still not sure you've hit that yet, the specific purpose or aim. What do you all think?