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  1. Dec 2018
    1. Countries with greater gender equality have lower percentage of female STEM graduates

      Why would this happen?

    2. Girls, even when their abilities in science equaled or excelled that of boys, often were likely to be better overall in reading comprehension

      What does this say about different skill sets? Is this biological or genetic, or is it just conditioned?

    1. hard work and exploration are valued over always knowing the right answer.

      The open program does this, to an extent. How can this be improved upon?

    2. Generateexcitement

      Excitement can be hard to generate among students. How can this be done in non-forceful ways

    3. Girls who are encouraged in STEM by a parent are 81% more likely to say they’ll study computer science in high school than girls who haven’t been encouraged.

      How can this be institutionalized?