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  1. Mar 2022
    1. This was Hitler’s OWN PERSONAL BRAND OF MANIA. And it is traceable to the insecurity of his existence in his own family, the insecurity of a child constantly living under the threat of violence and humiliation. Later millions were to forfeit their lives so that this child – now a childless adult – could avenge himself by unconsciously projecting the grim scenario of his childhood onto the political stage.

      Hitler's unhealed trauma induced the death of millions of other lives, continuing a cycle of trauma.

  2. Nov 2021
    1. ο Μπένης Νατάν στο ~8:00 αφηγείται την παρακάτω ιστορία για εναν Πολωνό καθηγητή Υπνου που εκανε πειραματα με επιζήσαντες του Άουσβιτς:

      Τους κοίμιζε κ τους ξύπναγε στο 4ο στάδιο του ύπνου, κ τους ρώταγε αν θυμούνται το όνειρό τους - αυτοί που απάνταγαν πως το θυμόντουσαν, δεν προχώρησαν στη ζωή τους, δεν ξεπέρασαν ποτέ το Στρατόπεδο.

  3. May 2021
    1. "Ritchie Sacramento" follows the previously shared "Dry Fantasy" and arrives alongside a video from director Sam Wiehl that you can take in below. Mogwai's Stuart Brathwaite shared in a statement that the song "is dedicated to all the musician friends we've lost over the years" in pointing out its connections to prolific composer Ryuichi Sakamoto and late Silver Jews/Purple Mountains songwriter David Berman. Brathwaite explained, "Ritchie Sacramento's title came from a misunderstanding a friend of ours had about how to say Ryuchi Sakamoto. The lyrics were inspired by a story Bob Nastanovich shared about his friend and bandmate David Berman who proclaimed 'Rise Crystal Spear' as he threw a shovel at a sports car."
  4. Jan 2021
    1. I've seen prior references to Italians, Irish, and others which were considered non-white in the late 1800's and early 1900's and which are now broadly considered white in the late 1900's. Now this seems to indicate something similar for Jews in America.

      I'm curious what lessons could be drawn here for anti-racism?

  5. Dec 2020
  6. Oct 2019
    1. The band was formed in December 2003, in Haninge. Their name comes from a lyric in the song "People" by the Silver Jews.[1]
  7. Sep 2019
    1. This is definitely from an incel's perspective, and I also realize it's also the ultimate neo-liberal love song, as we sit in a place of peak individualism. It's not the kind of message I'm proud to spread. I don't intend it to be a love song to the self — it's more of an 'I'm stuck with myself' song. If no one wants to fuck you, it's your fault.

      I still miss David Berman so very, very much, and I know I will continue to miss him for as long as I live.

  8. Oct 2018
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    1. there was a certain precision in his attire curiously at variance with the unsightly disorder around; especially in the belittered Ghetto, forward of the main-mast, wholly occupied by the blacks.

      The term [Ghetto has a murky origin](https://www.momentmag.com/jewish-word-ghetto/), but the first ghettos were the enforced Jewish quarters of Venice, Rome, and and and other Western European cities. The first appearance of the word "ghetto" in English literature dates from the early 17th century.<br> Map of Venice ghetto by architect Guido Costante Sullam, late 19th C.

      An excerpt from an 1829 travelogue paints a vivid socio-economic picture of the Roman ghetto, which was demolished in 1888. It is noteworthy that when Benito Cereno was published in 1850, although the Roman ghetto was still in existence, the word had already become a term of figurative speech. Could this have been an indirect result of the gradual loosening of restrictions on Jewish life that the author mentions, by which ghetto was no longer used to refer to a community bound to a specific location?

      Map of Roman ghetto, 1777

      "The "Ghetto" is a generic name, and used in every large town in Italy, as the distinctive appellation for the" recinto," or walled enclosure, allowed by the " toleration," (so intolerance is denominated all over the world,) to the Jews, whom their wants, rather than their charity, have consented to spare. But in most of these towns various reforms, all silent, but not the less irresistible, have successively taken place. I stopped some few instants at the entrance, not well knowing whether I should or could pass on, it looked so like the court of a debtors' prison. I asked one or two questions — they were scarcely answered. The Papal soldier at the gate at last volunteered a reply. He twirled his moustaches, and with the biliousness of his nation whispered sulkily, " il Ghetto." I took a glance for a moment at the contrast between the two people. Here were the masters on one side, the servants on the other. In the square I had just left I saw a squalid and sullen race of men, with nothing to qualify them for superiority but the conviction and habit of power. Their features glared with the gloomy force of concentrated or exploded passions. All here is combat or sleep, dangerous or useless energies." -- "Walks in Rome and Its Environs: The Ghetto degli Ebrai." The New Monthly Magazine and Literary Journal, Part II. Vol XVI, Original Papers, 1829. 529-537.

      Franz Ettore Rosler (1845-1907), "Vicolo Capocciuto in Ghetto (rione Sant'Angelo)" cir. 1880

    1. you know so fully in your memory all the individual deeds of the Trojans done through battle

      Great respect for Jewish historical knowledge and writing. Thinking of Josephus here?

  10. Sep 2018
    1. most wretched of sorrows to the Jews, men accursed, most despised of fates, for they could not turn it away for the world


    2. Judas lofted up a word, revealing his courage, and he spoke in Hebrew:

      Judas's prayer in Hebrew. Invokes Scripture: creation, fall of angels

    3. he was named Judas by his kinsmen— him they gave unto the queen,

      Quick to turn over Judas!

    4. than

      imagery: stiff, stony

    5. Stephen

      Stephen is Judas's brother Family set apart from other Jews How OLD is Judas??

    6. How

      Explanation of majority choice; Sachius demurred

    7. Judas

      Judas already knows what they've done wrong—and remains obstinate because admitting will mark the end of Jewish power

    8. We do not readily know so far why you are severely wrathful with us, lady. We know not what sin that we have performed in this folk-share, nor any great evil we have made against you.”

      Read sympathetically?

    9. you had opposed the Righteous One, rejecting the Radiant Shaper of us all, the Lord of Lords, and persisting in error
    10. wisdom

      Condemns Jews generally here & following