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    1. VicGovDH. (2021, June 8). Reported yesterday: 1 new local case, 0 new cases acquired overseas. Got symptoms? Get tested. - 19,533 vaccine doses administered—28,485 test results received More later: Https://t.co/lIUrl0ZEco #COVID19VicData #COVID19Vic https://t.co/wc5BUgm6OK [Tweet]. @VicGovDH. https://twitter.com/VicGovDH/status/1402398048232349698

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    1. 11 Tuyos, oh Señor, son la grandeza, el poder, la gloria, la victoria y la majestad. Todo lo que hay en los cielos y en la tierra es tuyo, oh Señor, y este es tu reino. Te adoramos como el que está por sobre todas las cosas. 1 Crónicas 29:11

      Oración. Lo reconozco, así es Señor, pero revelame transformandome en que modo no es así en mi vida práctica, para que te honre también donde me hace falta.

      Atributos: Señor, Grande, Poderoso, Glorioso, Victorioso, Majestuoso. Poseedor de todo, Rey. Digno de adoración, Altísimo y Soberano.

      Aplicación. Los atributos que más afectan mi vida ahora, que vacilo, son Poder y Victoria. Quiero cambiar, confio en tu Poder. Quiero vencer, confio en tu Victoria. Señor, en mi no hay poder, está en Tí, Señor, en mí no hay victoria, pero tu eres mi Señor, y eres Victorioso. Caminaré en tu voluntad, y veré como vences en mi vida. Haré todo por la fe en tu nombre Poderoso, y disfrutaré lo que tienes en tu mano para mí. Gracias Jesús!

  8. Feb 2017
    1. Her Most Gracious Majesty Queen Vic-toria, the reigning sovereign of the most mighty, intelligent people of this or any other age

      I would personally wager that she was one of the greatest female rulers of all time (maybe only ousted by Russia's Catherine the Great), and monitored an extraordinary era of Britain's history that many, even today, reminisce and romanticize over.

      If you're going to chose any one woman to demonstrate how good of leaders they can be, you're not going to get much better than the Britain's beloved matriarch. So good example, Palmer.

      It does beg the question, though: Is she really such a good example if Palmer is advocating for greater female involvement in the church? Are an imperiastic queen and a hypothetical female priestess inherently compatible?

  9. Apr 2016
    1. Is War Civilized?

      Along side the Dawn of the Golden Age this is a must read 2wice and annotate work. It begs the question of international law and aggression and the spilling over of armed pretext aggression unto the majority non-fanatical civilian population. I'm Half way through and it can only lead to a critical browsing of contemporary works in history and theory during my life time to catch up with the situation after my stupid drug bum phase is over.

      Very well stated