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    1. The critical writing on data science hastaken the paradoxical position of in-sisting that normative issues pervadeall work with data while leaving unad-dressed the issue of data scientists’ethical agency. Critics need to consid-er how data scientists learn to thinkabout and handle these trade-offs,while practicing data scientists needto be more forthcoming about all ofthe small choices that shape their deci-sions and systems.

      In my opinion, data science is a huge field with a lot of unresolved issues. I believe that critics of data science must be able to understand all the analytics that data scientists use to truly have a valid critique. I also believe that the critical writing about data science doesn't do much justice as actually understanding the analytics would. How would analytics play a role in critical writing?

  4. Apr 2022
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    1. Prominence as a critic tends to reinforce itself. The person who appears on news shows is the person who gets to star in a documentary is the person who gets to testify before the Senate is the person who gets invited back onto the news shows, and so forth.

      Another specific example of this has been noted by Zeynep Tufekci of an economist becoming the face of criticism of the education space being open or closed during the coronavirus pandemic. The woman, who had no background in public health or epidemiology, became the public face of the argument about whether schools should be open or closed.

  6. Aug 2018
    1. Marxist thought was relatively late in terms of itsinfluence within geography, compared to other socialsciences and humanities disciplines. It can be seen as partof a wider trajectory of radical geography.

      No menciona los aportes de la escuela de Frankfurt a este salto de adopción del marxismo y su relectura por parte de las ciencias sociales. Habría que buscar un vínculo probado

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