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    1. This is a perfect use-case for @extend. These rulesets are inherently related; their shared traits are shared for a reason, not coincidentally. Further, we aren’t transplanting their selectors hundreds of lines away from their source, so our Specificity Graph stays nice and sane

      So a sensible policy might be to use @extend only for related classes in the same source file, where source order is obvious.

    2. Some useful notes on the pros and cons of @extend vs mixins in SCSS.

      In a nutshell, he suggests avoiding @extend entirely.

      My main bugbear is that it prevents local reasoning about the final set of rules that will apply for an element with a given class.

    1. n the Webpack approach, each Sass file is compiled in isolation. This isn't a new idea, but I think it's a much better way of doing Sass. It just means you need to @import dependencies like variables & mixins wherever you use them

      Which is a much better thing to be doing anyway in terms of having clear and explicit dependencies.