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  1. Jul 2017
    1. This surplus value costs the capitalis,t ··nothing, and is a tangible symbol of the exploitation of wage-earners

      Surplus is an excess of production, but in the modes of production, it does not cost property owner anything to have surplus because property owner only pays for a flat rate for the cost of labor.

    2. wo. Because such peoples only produceenoughtoallowthemtoexistatsubsistencelevel,everyonehas to work. There is no surplus propert

      An amount of something greater than that needed to ensure basic survival.

    1. Surplus

      Goes in hand with the notion that the core of capitalism is exploitation. The output produced by a worker is greater than the actual price of the workers salary. The difference between the value generated and what is paid out is the surplus which is then consummed by the bourgousie or owners /capitalists.