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    1. I was seeing this same issue. Updating values for: hub: containerSecurityContext: privileged: true Seems to have been the fix for me. At least things are a lot more stable now. I changed it based on the explanation for --privileged in the README.


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    1. The lower the level of selenium in the diet the more reports of anxiety, depression, and tiredness, decreased following 5 weeks of selenium therapy.

      Though the effect was stronger in those with lower intake, the effects on mood in those with higher intake were still quite substantial, (full text). That is to say, both groups benefited. Selenium improved anxiety only in the low intake group, (full text).

      Interestingly, the high and low intake groups had the same baseline scores. That is to say, it's not that selenium brought the low intake group up to normal, but rather that they were lifted above the high intake group. It's possible that they had adapted to their low intake, be it psychological or physiological adaptation. I recall a similar effect with creatine and cognitive performance in vegetarians.

      This raises the question: does the benefit disappear over time as one adapts to their new selenium levels? Perhaps, but I find it more likely that the benefit drops only slightly. That is, I think what may be occurring is a a positive feedback loop where better mood makes you more optimistic, thus improving your mood; I expect this psychological mechanism to fade, leaving the biological component intact.

      Of course, there is the possibility that this is a statistical fluke. Nonetheless, I'd expect the above mechanism to occur in general. If I learn more about statistics I could probably run a p-value test.

    1. The SELECT study, largely motivated by the NPC trial, enrolling nearly 40 times as many subjects, showed unequivocally that selenium 200 mcg/day, with selenium in the form of SEMET, does not protect selenium-replete men against prostate or other major cancer.

      Thus, your typical selenium supplement will not provide this benefit. I wonder, however, if higher doses might. Indeed, it is often closer to toxic doses that are effective against cancer (for various compounds).

    1. A 1989 study in China estimated 800 mcg per day to be the safe upper limit and reduced that amount to 400 mcg per day to ensure a large margin of safety.48

      Good. I thought 400 was likely safe. Though I'm considering taking 400 mcg daily, 200 mcg is probably more than adequate.

    1. ResultsImprovement (decline IRLS score >10) was significantly higher in selenium (50 and 200 μg) than placebo group.

      Not only was is significant, but it was impressive! The 200 μg dose cut the score over 50%, compared to 20-22% reductions in the placebo. Everyone with RLS should be given selenium.

      However, I disagree with the authors that this should be a replacement. Multiple treatments are likely necessary to achieve adequate relief.

    2. Selenium prescription in daily recommended dose of 50 μg

      Not sure why 50 instead of 200. Though the superiority of 200 μg was not statistically significant, I doubt there is any risk to such a dose.

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    1. Here is a quick recap table of every technology we discussed in this blog post.

      Quick comparison of Python web scraping tools (socket, urlib3, requests, scrapy, selenium) [below this highlight]

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      This is the Tumblr z-index issue: fix in the pipeline.

    2. http://blogs.law.harvard.edu/copyrightx/files/2014/01/Understanding-Judicial-Opinions.pdf

      Works interactively. Revisit, maybe adjust script timing.

    3. http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2015/05/18/tomorrows-advance-man

      We have big problems here, revisit after the engine overhaul.

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      Also H icons are busted in Facebook.

    5. https://medium.com/@jedsundwall/how-do-we-stay-sane-57b4078974fb

      Results flash then don't anchor.

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      With 100s of annotations, script not waiting long enough. So, an H performance issue.

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