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  1. Oct 2023
    1. Dutch East India Company eventually took over the Asian trade and imported millions of pieces of porcelain to the West.
    2. Porcelain in the Middle East and Europe was mainly used for decorative purposes in mosques and churches and did not have supernatural connotations
    3. Southeast Asia, such as Borneo and the Swahili coast, where it became integrated into various aspects of life, including birth, marriage, feasting, combat, and death
    4. orcelain vessels were seen as communal entities with cosmic power and were highly valued for their mysterious origins.

      in the Philippines

    5. outheast Asia admired Chinese imports and stopped using their own pottery
    6. Korea, Japan, and Vietnam all had interactions with Chinese ceramics and developed their own unique styles
    7. The Chinese adopted the traditional aesthetic values of the Middle East, and drew upon their own traditional designs

      cultural exchange between China, Asia and middle East

    8. ntrepreneurs and craftsmen in China and the Middle East that brought their ceramic traditions closer together.
    9. Blue-and-white porcelain developed as a result of the influence of Song ceramics on the Middle East
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    1. hina’s most famous painting is “Along the River during the Qingming Festival.” Often referred to as “China’s Mona Lisa” (more for its fame and mysterious history than for any likeness to da Vinci’s portrait), the painting dates from the early 1100s and stretches over 17 feet.
      • .> famous italy and french paintings are individual and religious oriented. But this painting is community (livelihood) oriented. I think they always accept the living of co-existence and mutual interests (united we stand; divided we fall)
  7. Mar 2022
    1. chinese debt trap diplomacy because when china decided to invest in sri lanka's seaport they very well knew that sri 00:14:37 lanka will not be able to repay the loan on time this is what is called detroit diplomacy

      Chinese Debt Trap Diplomacy

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    1. Kenneth Fordyce. (2020, November 3). @devisridhar @georgeeaton Yet another article packed full of wise words: E.g., ‘in some ways, the people pushing for “herd immunity” are forcing us into these lockdown-release cycles because you end up in a reactive position by underestimating the spread of the virus and the hospitalisation rate’ [Tweet]. @FordyceKenneth. https://twitter.com/FordyceKenneth/status/1323544552112852992

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