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  1. Nov 2018
    1. A number of authors argue that professional development requires adual focus on both knowledge of subject matter content and an understand-ing of how children learn specific content.

      This article addresses what makes professional development effective and why. It reviews study results to show what works in a national sample of teachers. This article has good information on professional development.


    1. The New Learning Environment and AdultDevelopmental Needs

      Identifies adult developmental learning needs. For many years, since 1911, Training at a machining company had been directed to specific tasks. After the company was sold to a new company, the education of employees changed from siloed task training to a atmosphere of learning and integrated team work. This shift in training also changed the culture of the company and built an atmosphere of one team, even across shifts and departments. This article points out how the change from task training to education that included theory of the task improved the decision making process of the employees that resulted in company improvements. Rating: 9/10

    1. Adults have a deep need to be self-directing. The psychological definition of "adult" is one who has achieved a self-concept of being in charge of his or her own life, of being responsible for making his or her own decisionsand living with the consequences. Adults develop a deep need to be seen by others as being capable of taking responsibility for themselves. Too often as trainers we design training situations that place adultsback in their childhood where they are told what where and when and how to learn. Self-directed is not the same as self-paced. Self-paced means that the learner is only in charge of when to experience what the trainer has produced. Self-directed learning puts the learner in charge of much more. Incorporate as much "search and discovery" into the training as possible for experienced learners. Present training with as many options for learning as possible.

      This article is a quick guide to adult learning with additional information on how to apply the principles to professional training.