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  1. Jun 2023
  2. May 2023
    1. The amount of EVs in Norway is impacting air quality ('we have solved the NOx issue' it says) in Oslo. Mentions electrified building machinery also reducing noise and NOx on building sites. This has been a long time coming: in [[Ljubljana 2013]] there was this Norwegian guy who told me EVs had started leading new car sales. via Bryan Alexander.


  3. Feb 2023
    1. cobalt mine in Idaho’s Salmon River Mountains,
      • = example tradeoff
        • cobalt mine in Idaho’s Salmon River Mountains
    2. Coosa County, Alabama, express similar concerns over plans to mine graphite,
      • = example tradeoff
        • graphite mine Alabama
    3. northern Nevada, where his group has joined a lawsuit against a proposed open-pit lithium mine in Thacker Pass
      • = example tradeoff
        • open pit Lithium mine in Nevada
    4. The IEA says meeting the Paris Climate Accord goals for decarbonization will require even more — far more — minerals: as much as four to six times present amounts.
    5. while EVs are cleaner than gas cars in the long run, they still carry environmental and human-rights baggage, especially associated with mining.
    6. double global mineral demand over the next two decades, according to the International Energy Agency
    7. manufacturing EVs requires about six times more minerals than traditional cars.
  4. Jan 2023
    1. all the new electricity generation installed worldwide 90 percent of it was renewable it's now the cheapest source of electricity in almost the entire 00:39:05 planet secondly electric vehicles for the transportation sector the penetration has reached the 10 percent level in multiple geographies that's the point where you often see an inflection 00:39:19 going much higher Norway is already at 50 percent all the auto makers are going in that direction business is leading

      !- Electricity : inflection Point

  5. Nov 2022
    1. Originally blogs were called weblogs: a log of activity that you wrote to the web. Peter Merholz jokingly split the term into two words to make it an activity: we blog. Ev Williams started to use it as a verb and a noun: to blog. And the rest is history.
  6. Sep 2022
    1. here are those same numbers compared 00:41:21 against reported global reserves so there's the amount of metal we need and there is the global reserves this column is the proportion of metals required to 00:41:33 phase out fossil fuels as a percentage that is of all the copper we need to make one generation of units current global reserves will get us 19.23 00:41:45 of the way there we don't have enough copper for one generation

      !- for : metals for energy transition - only have 19% of metals required for the first generation of phase out

    2. current plans are not large enough in scope the task before us is much larger than the current paradigm allows for

      !- key insight : not enough mineral capacity to buildout replacement green growth, renewable energy system !- for : degrowth vs green growth

  7. Jul 2022
  8. Sep 2017
  9. Apr 2017
    1. the web’s open architecture guarantees that one way or another, it’s possible to create and share authoritative overlays. Annotation tools and services are converging on open standards that will enable them to work with one another,3 just as different kinds of web browser and email clients are able to work with different kinds of web and email servers. This movement toward open and interoperable web annotation sets the stage for a democratization of the scholarly arts of close reading, line-by-line analysis, and accurate citation.