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  1. May 2024
    1. https://web.archive.org/web/20240531083407/https://www.euronews.com/green/2024/02/06/this-disused-mine-in-finland-is-being-turned-into-a-gravity-battery-to-store-renewable-ene publ #2024/02/06 A deep mineshaft to be used in Finland for gravity-storage of green energy. The mine is 1400m deep and a 530m shaft would be used. 2MW means about 1 windmill's capacity in storage. I think the deepest Dutch mine was 1100m (Hendrik mijn, Heerlen), but don't know about shaft length, and if that still exists.

  2. Feb 2024
    1. Such high energy EM radiation can locally interact with the Vacuum Energy State (VES) – the VES being the Fifth State of Matter (Fifth Essence – Quintessence), in other words the fundamental structure (foundational framework), from which Everything else (Spacetime included) in our Quantum Reality, emerges.

      Dr. Salvatore Cezar Pais, writing [via direct email] ’exclusively’ to The War Zone reporter, Brett Tingley, defined what has become decorously known as The Pais Effect, stating:

      "…do realize that my work culminates in the enablement of the Pais Effect (original physical concept). The Pais Effect comprises the generation of extremely high electromagnetic energy fluxes (and hence high local energy densities) generated by controlled motion of electrically charged matter (from solid to plasma states) subjected to accelerated vibration and/or accelerated spin, via rapid acceleration transients.

      Such high energy EM radiation can locally interact with the Vacuum Energy State (VES) – the VES being the Fifth State of Matter (Fifth Essence – Quintessence), in other words the fundamental structure (foundational framework), from which Everything else (Spacetime included) in our Quantum Reality, emerges.

      The Engineering of the Pais Effect can give rise to the Enablement of Macroscopic Quantum Coherence, which if you have closely been following my work, you understand the importance of.

      I must stress that all this work (patents, patent applications and technical papers) was conducted as a NAVAIR/NAWCAD employee, and that my current position with Navy SSP has absolutely no bearing or in any way, shape or form has anything to do with this advanced physics work.

      Thank you for your interest in my physics concepts, and try to keep an open mind in regard to my work.



      Salvatore Cezar Pais, Ph.D. A.D. MMXIX"

  3. Dec 2023
    1. Glossary of some important musical terms
  4. Feb 2023
    1. Despite the crudeness of his experimental setup 500 years ago, da Vinci, Dr. Gharib said, was able to calculate the gravitational constant to an accuracy within 10 percent of the modern value.

      Nearly a hundred years before Galileo and two hundred years before Newton, in a series of diagrams and notes in the Codex Arundel, Da Viinci was able to calculate the gravitational constant to an accuracy within 10 percent of the accepted value.

    1. One of the problems in approaching quantum gravity is the choice for how to best represent it mathematically. Most of quantum mechanics is algebraic in nature but gravity has a geometry component which is important. (restatement)

      This is similar to the early 20th century problem of how to best represent quantum mechanics: as differential equations or using group theory/Lie algebras?

      This prompts the question: what other potential representations might also work?

      Could it be better understood/represented using Algebraic geometry or algebraic topology as perspectives?

      [handwritten notes from 2023-02-02]

  5. Dec 2022
    1. David Hume, a great philosopher, in his “History of England” — he wrote a huge history of England — there’s a chapter devoted to Isaac Newton, a full chapter. He describes Newton as, you know, the greatest mind that ever existed, and so on and so forth. He said Newton’s great achievement was to draw the veil away from some of the mysteries of nature — namely, his theory of universal gravitation and so on — but to leave other mysteries hidden in ways we will never understand. Referring to: What’s the world like? We’ll never understand it. He left that as a permanent mystery. Well, as far as we know, he was right.

      !- example : permanent mystery - David Hume and Newton example

  6. Oct 2021
  7. Sep 2021
    1. Have I heard of nominative determinism?

      At the beginning of my experience with the Design Science Studio, I met Ganga Devi Braun. She asked me, Have you heard of nominative determinism?

      Ganga connected me with the concept of metaphysical gravity. For me, this helped me to answer the question I have about the meaning of my last name, which in German means to build. Since I first named my company in 1991, Bauhouse Visual Communications, I have been associating the word “build” with love (1 Corinthians 8:1).

      Love is metaphysical gravity.

  8. Feb 2017
    1. lt so very considerable, as s apt to imagine; that this, operation of the intellect, :akness incident to all our insepamblc from our na-. take an opportunity par-:111d Origin of Experience ,i<.lcr the principal tribes 1e general name of moral !ry difficulty may be re-·etard our progress in the will be necessary, in the ! more accurately those ·hich give being to experi-, to all those attainments, that are derived from it. • sense and memory. The 1d internal, are the original ,cy inform the mind of the escnt instant are situated !ir activity, and no sooner in any particular instance rmation exhibited by them emory. Remembrance in-1tion, insomuch that the sole repository of the form sense; knowledge pository, would be as in-is gotten, and could be of Our sensations would be ing pictures of a moving cura, which leave not the :m. Memory, therefore, is er extant of those past re• ad once the evidence of 1s it were, the prints that ,le impression~. But from Jnsidered in themselves, 1owledge only of individ-1ch facts as either hereto-·esent do come, under the :Jer this knowledge useful :! nature of things, and in a further process of the h deserves to be carefully e thus illustrated. I have ohscrved :1 stone fall to the ground when nothing intervened to impede its motion. This single fact produce:; little or no effect on the mind beyond a bare remembrance. At another time, I observe the fall of a tile, at another of an apple, and so of al-most every kind of body in the like situation. Thus my sense first, and then my memory, fur-nish me with numerous examples, which, though different in every other particular, arc similar in this, that they present a body moving down-ward!>, till obstructed either by the ground or by some intcrvcnient object. Hence by first notion of gravitation. For, with regard to the similar cir· cumstam:cs of different facts, as by the repetition such circumstances arc more deeply imprinted, the mind acquires a habit of retaining them, omit-ting those circumstances peculiar to each wherein their differences consiM. Hence, if ob-jects of any kind, in a particular manner circum-stanced, arc remembered to have been usually, and still more if uniformly, succeeded by certain particular consequences, the idea of the former, in the supposed circumstance introduced into the mind, immediately associates the idea of the lat-ter; aml if the object itself, so circumstanced, be presented to the senses, the mind instantly antici-pates the appearnncc of the customary conse-quence.

      Aha! But then we come across the Inductions Fallacy once again. Assuming that an object will fall to the ground based upon memory is presumptive and has the potential to halt further progress in the area.