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  1. Oct 2021
    1. UBC

      Update for UNE?

    2. Formative Assessment

      Could this not also incorporate students' derivation of rubrics from their interpretation of the Learning Goals?

    3. Socretes


    4. ONLINE

      There are a few interpretations of flippedness, aren't there. The one I see pushed is where teacher's make online material, EddieWoo style, for people to go through in their own time, then discuss in class (teacher needs to 'teach' twice!)

    1. Revisit Guiding Questions

      Should this section also highlight 'does the learner need YAP (yet another password)?"

    2. called

      using a technology such as

    3. In terms of digital technologies, any website can do the same

      It can do much, much more than paper and I think this should be mentioned here. It almost sounds like an apology for websites. Have you read Papert's idea (in 'Mindstorms') that paper is the reason why we do Maths like we do now – rote, exemplar then practise, often without context or meaning, rather than "play" with Maths to get a better understanding, and to demonstrate an understanding

    4. it’s what we as educators can do with the technology

      Students too. Often they will come up with way different methods or approaches. The sort where a teacher goes 'huh, that's pretty cool'

    1. The diagram below shows the change in Learning Management System (LMS) market share over the 20+ years. For this type of technology, this is usually large scale, requiring a large budget, so the number of tools available are quite limited. If the project is of a smaller scale, there may be many more options, because fewer people use them. In the case of smaller-scale projects, sometimes the support requirements are fewer, and the ease of use is higher, so there are many more options of different tools that do the same thing

      I don't grok this. Surely the bigger the budget the more features, but the slower moving as the instal base is larger and support is needed more? I may have misinterpreted your meaning behind "tools" here. Not sure what that refers to. Does it mean that the bigger, the less flexible hence give out a smaller number of generic tools and you bend your workflow to suit? (cf smaller - we can make that happen for you!)

  2. Oct 2020
    1. How To Write This Poem

      begin here …with TIME

      where words

      are layered with text

      where the pen

      etches into screen …

      then go here …


      … only to leap from one place

      to another,

      where my mind goes

      I hardly every know,

      only that it ventures forward …


      … heard by hearts,​​

      and scattered stars,

      ​​where I see the sky fall,​​

      you find the debris …

      our thoughts.


      Might we be permitted them?

      The dragonfly

      rarely yields her ground

      to the critics among


    2. Kevin's Response

      How To Write This Poem

      begin here …with TIME

      where words

      are layered with text

      where the pen

      etches into screen …

      then go here … https://www.vialogues.com/vialogues/play/61205

      ... only to leap from one place to another, where my mind goes I hardly every know, only that it ventures forward ...


      … heard by hearts, ​​and scattered stars, ​​where I see the sky fall, ​​you find the debris …. ​​https://nowcomment.com/documents/234044

      Your thoughts?

  3. Dec 2019
    1. Elizabeth

      Elizabeth was also the name of Percy Shelley's mother. Mary changed the character's name from Myrtella to Elizabeth in the manuscript, unless this change was one of Percy's suggested changes. In Greek and Roman mythology, the flower myrtle was sacred to the goddess Venus (Aphrodite) and symbolized love.

  4. Feb 2018
    1. National League Expansion

      The National League added two teams in 1993, the Colorado Rockies and the Florida (now Miami) Marlins. Although the CBA provided detailed procedures for how Major League players would be procured for these new teams, the inevitable impact on minor league structure was not considered or clearly articulated.

  5. Sep 2017
  6. spring2018.robinwharton.net spring2018.robinwharton.net
    1. The significance of basic materials created within a certain cultural structure is vital to the advancement of the traditions and ideals of the cultures. In both "Mohegan Wood-Splint Basket" and "Mark Their Words: Medieval Bookmarks" two incredibly overlooked yet culturally significant material usage objects are observed. It's the simplest of items, the ones that are rooted in the daily routine of the people, that have the most stories to tell.

      The woven baskets (and other materialistic cultural items such as bookmarks) should not be considered and analyzed as texts according to the Mohegan Wood-splint Basket chapter, and therefore not be treated as such. In general, doing so would result in missing some of the most critical components of the reason they exist or what they truly symbolize. There is no true author, there is no audience, and there are no literary devices to analyze.

      Rather than analyzing the literal contexts of the materials, one has to make meaning of each three dimensional detail and why it is there. For example, in the case of the Mohegan basket, the lining contains scraps of newspaper from 1817, which gives an accurate time period of when it was made. The same can be said about the found item type of bookmark during Medieval times. For example, a leaf used as a bookmark can tell you that the person had been reading outside, and you can even go as far as to find out what type of tree the leaf was from, and draw conclusions based upon that.

      There may exist some opinions that stake the claim that typical items that were used in the general lives of individuals are not as important as written primary source documents. Although it is true that written documents are more likely to contain confirmed specific details, they sadly cannot provide a true visual perception of the writer's life. Materials are far more tangible and physical to provide a deeper look and the historical aspects of a culture that cannot be represented on text.

      Culture analysis does not have to solely focus on written media. Looking past the surface of materialistic culture is also as vital to the development of ideas of how a certain community lived in the past.

  7. Dec 2016
    1. The Viet Nam era draft card is also known by its legal description, the status card. The draft card was an aspect of the Selective Service Act, the federal legislation that legalized the conscription of eligible males into the American armed services during the Viet Nam war (1962–1973).

      Vietnam Card Burning (PRIMARY PICTURES)

  8. Jan 2016