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  1. Sep 2020
    1. By default, npx will check whether <command> exists in $PATH, or in the local project binaries, and execute that. Calling npx <command> when <command> isn't already in your $PATH will automatically install a package with that name from the NPM registry for you, and invoke it. When it's done, the installed package won’t be anywhere in your globals, so you won’t have to worry about pollution in the long-term. You can prevent this behaviour by providing --no-install option.
  2. Jul 2020
  3. May 2020
    1. For convenience, conventions have been developed about the precedence of the logical operators, to avoid the need to write parentheses in some cases. These rules are similar to the order of operations in arithmetic. A common convention is:
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  8. Nov 2017
  9. Jan 2016
    1. Since the operators of part 15 devices are required to cease operation should harmful interference occur to authorized users of the radio frequency spectrum,

      Mention of the operator's duty to prevent interference.

      Language is usually "operator", occasionally "owner or operator"

  10. Dec 2015
    1. The software must prevent the user

      This, however, changes the discussion to make the user or operator, rather than a third party, unable to operate the router outside of the legal limits.

    2. The operator of the U-NII device, or if the equipment is professionally installed, the installer, is responsible for ensuring

      A typical example of FCC language assigning responsibility to the operator or their agent.

    3. The instruction manual furnished with the intentional radiator shall contain language in the installation instructions informing the operator and the installer of this responsibility.

      Language re mitigation that should be required of router vendors