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  1. Jul 2020
  2. Jun 2020
    1. What would be nice is if JavaScript had a built-in way to do what I can do in Ruby with:

      > I18n.interpolate('Hi, %{name}', name: 'Fred')
      => "Hi, Fred"

      But to be fair, I18n comes from i18n library, so JS could just as easily (and I'm sure does) have a library that does the same thing.

      Update: Actually, you can do this in plain Ruby (so why do we even need I18n.interpolate?):

      main > "Hi, %{name}" % {name: 'Fred'}
      => "Hi, Fred"
      main > ? String#%
      From: string.c (C Method):
      Owner: String
      Visibility: public
      Signature: %(arg1)
      Number of lines: 9
      Format---Uses str as a format specification, and returns the result
      of applying it to arg. If the format specification contains more than
      one substitution, then arg must be an Array or Hash
      containing the values to be substituted. See Kernel::sprintf for
      details of the format string.
         "%05d" % 123                              #=> "00123"
         "%-5s: %016x" % [ "ID", self.object_id ]  #=> "ID   : 00002b054ec93168"
         "foo = %{foo}" % { :foo => 'bar' }        #=> "foo = bar"

      I guess that built-in version is fine for simple cases. You only need to use I18n.translate if you need its more advanced features like I18n.config.missing_interpolation_argument_handler.

    2. When you hear there's something called "template strings" coming to JavaScript, it's natural to assume it's a built-in template library, like Mustache. It isn't. It's mainly just string interpolation and multiline strings for JS. I think this is going to be a common misconception for a while, though.
  3. May 2020
    1. In ES2015 with nested template literals: const classes = `header ${ isLargeScreen() ? '' : `icon-${item.isCollapsed ? 'expander' : 'collapser'}` }`;
    2. Expression interpolation
    1. bug_status=NEW&bug_status=ASSIGNED&bug_status=RESOLVED&bug_status=VERIFIED&bug_status=CLOSED

      Passing multiple values for the same param key

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  8. Mar 2019
    1. print(self.num,"/",self.den)

      i particularly like an alternate construction better, because it allows you better control of the output string(this example will not insert spaces before and after the slash, unless you deliberately put them there)


      It uses the .format module, that lets you replace {} structures with the print verions of variables, you can set names for them like

      print('{numerator}/{denominator}'.format(denominator = self.den, numerator = self.num))

      and a lot of other stuff, you can learn more reading the python documentation of the string class

  9. Nov 2017
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  11. citeseerx.ist.psu.edu citeseerx.ist.psu.edu
    1. Faster Approximate String Matching Baeza-Yates and G. Navarro, R. Algorithmica (1999) 23: 127. doi:10.1007/PL00009253

  12. Apr 2017
    1. significant.

      So, there is a performance hit for using + or +=, but not enough for any reasonable string literal in code. Concatenating a long paragraph, use StringBuilder.

  13. Apr 2015
    1. Basically how CORS works is that if the Access-Control-Allow-Orign header is set in the HTTP response, then the content loaded by AJAX can be used in our script regardless of the fact it is on the same domain or some other. Now for your purpose, you can upload your local JSON file to Dropbox's Public folder and get a Public URL, that you can load by a simple AJAX call.

      Sounds interseting