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  1. May 2024
    1. student-faculty contact in and out of classes is the most important factor in student motivation and involvement.  Faculty concern helps students get through rough times and keep on working.  Knowing a few faculty members well enhances students’ intellectual commitment and encourages them to think about their own values and future plans

      Contact outside of the classroom is difficult for both commuters in on-ground courses and online environments. Also it's becoming an issue for traditional students who are working more and more hours to reduce overall costs of education.

    1. The categories were examined for purpose andsatisfaction, and the authors claim that though students value beingengaged in a variety of ways in online courses, instructors do not integratea wide variety of tools, whether due to lack of knowledge or training

      Importance of tool variety in online courses

    1. robust theme in the reasons given for preferringface-to-face delivery formats is the perceived lack of interactionwith an instructor in online courses.This was evident in statementsthat suggested that students believe they would have to “teachthemselves”, or that they would prefer a course taught by a “hu-man” or a “real teacher”.

      need for instructor interaction

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