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    1. Eine neue Studie hält es für möglich, dass das Strömungssystem im Nordatlantik seinen Zustand schon in wenigen Jahren so verändert, dass der Golfstrom zusammenbricht. Die Modellierung basiert auf Messungen der Oberflächentemperatur des Nordatlantik seit 1850. Sie legt nahe, dass zwischen 2025 und 2095 ein Kipppunkt erreicht wird, wenn weiter Treibhausgase in die Atmosphäre gepumpt werden. An der Aussagekraft der Daten bestehen aber noch Zweifel. https://www.nytimes.com/2023/07/25/climate/atlantic-ocean-tipping-point.html

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    1. We would nowadays probablycall the second group ‘constructivist’ or ‘cognitive’ or ‘sociocultural’psychologists, though the committee did not venture to name them as such. Thislatter school (or schools) they took to be associated with psychologists such asthe British Susan Isaacs, the Russian Alexander Luria, the American JeromeBruner, and the Swiss Jean Piaget.
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    1. Reynolds’ students have had strong positive reactions to this style of notes and consistently attribute the notes as a key factor in their engagement and learning in the course (Reynolds & Tackie, 2016).

      Susan Reynolds' paper indicates that students have positive reactions to her skeletal notes, but does her research indicate that they are measurably better?

      What is the right balance of encouraging attention and participation in the process versus saving time for the students? Active work in the process is likely to be shown to work best.

      Has anyone done research on actively helping students and modeling for them after a lecture experience to show them the appropriate follow up methods?

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    1. Here’s what the Finns, who don’t begin formal reading instruction until around age 7, have to say about preparing preschoolers to read: “The basis for the beginnings of literacy is that children have heard and listened … They have spoken and been spoken to, people have discussed [things] with them … They have asked questions and received answers.”
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    1. And instead of a nice dish of minnows—they had a roasted grasshopper with lady-bird sauce; which frogs consider a beautiful treat; but I think it must have been nasty!