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  1. May 2021
    1. flexible grading policies

      I'm especially attracted to the #ungrading work I've been watching from folks like Mary Klann and David Buck...and I know there are so many more people working with authentic and alternative assessment practices...

    2. We as parents will always give more to our kids than they will give us,

      This is likely true: parents give to their kids in ways we ourselves probably can't remember or truly know. Lately, however — and maybe this is because my kids have reached a certain age — I feel like I've been getting more from my kids than I'm giving, both in care and intellectually.

      I wonder how I might teach differently if my expectation were always that I would be getting more from my students than they might get from me?

    3. Twitter group DMs with international friends

      For me too such international group conversations have been immensely sustaining during the pandemic, and a deep source of learning and laughter. Many of us don't even really know each other that well and have not ever met in person, but our guards are down, our empathy is up, and almost any topic elicits some thoughtful response, or at least acknowledgement.

    4. Can you think of others?

      In the USA especially, I feel like teachers would benefit from much more care from society in general and government at all levels. In the USA, we pay lip service to the sacrifice and nobility of teachers, but also under-fund and under-value teaching and education generally.

  2. Jan 2021
  3. Mar 2019
    1. mobile learning technologies for 21st century classrooms This undated article discusses mobile learning in classrooms in a nonspecific way. One of the sources is Marc Prensky, whose work has been called into question by multiple authors. The type of information provided by this article seems rather basic and a function of common sense. A few apps are discussed. rating 1/5

  4. Nov 2016
    1. Finding tutors can be a really tiring job if not taken in a proper direction. Also, it is equally important to find a competent and knowledgeable tutor, who can provide a proper direction and guidance in your studies rather than just basic teaching. As a student, you should always keep in mind that before hiring a tutor you should have a complete idea of his knowledge about that particular subject.

    1. We share these 12 stories of collaborationsand partnerships—most successful, a few less so—during this time of educational innovation and stringent accountability to demonstrate why the kind of professional development offered by Writing ProjectTCsmust continue—why it is essential to work respectfully as colleagues and co-learners over time with new and seasoned teachers in their professional arenas.

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  5. Apr 2015
    1. other needed resources

      These five barriers, "in addition to poverty" seem similar to what we face in trying to support the educational needs of migrant farmworkers and their children.