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  1. Nov 2021
  2. Mar 2021
    1. decarbonization also creates opportunities, and investors are keen to put capital to work on these areas. Many of them directly involve, or are adjacent to, chemicals production, including battery materials, green hydrogen, and materials that can enable energy efficiency.

      Circular economies are good news for everyone

  3. Jul 2020
  4. Sep 2018
    1. If we are tosucceed at moving beyond the current model of ‘growth at allcosts’ to embrace the idea of a ‘wellbeing economy’, we need a dif-ferent approach to data collection and modelling that is adaptable,evolutionary, and integrated (Fioramonti, 2017a)

      Como colectamos datos hoy determina nuestra visión de crecer a toda costa. Se debe involucrar a ciudadanos y ampliar el tipo y cantidad de registros

    2. One solution is common investmentand common use. Common asset trusts (CATs) are one institutionthat can assign property rights to the commons on behalf of thecommunity, using trustees as protectors of the asset (Barneset al., 2008; Farley et al., 2015).

      Hay que estudiar esto. Es un método de propiedad de tierras que se le asignan a administradores privados para uso de comunidades.

    3. Systems of payment for ecosystem services (PES) and commonasset trusts can be effective elements in these institutions (Sattlerand Matzdorf, 2013).

      PES pagos por servicios ecosistemicos prestados por la tierra de un privado.