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  1. Aug 2020
  2. Jul 2018
    1. Furthermore, and differentiating digital time from clock time, he suggests that a lack of adherence to chronological time is compounded by the fact that digital technologies connect with a flow of information that is al-ways and instantly available. He argues that continual change, which is bound up with web services such as social network sites, blogs and the news, is central to the experi-enced need for constant connectivity.

      Q: How does this idea of time vs information flow affect the data harvested during a digital crowdwork process in humanitarian emergencies?

      Q: How does this idea of time vs information flow manifest when the information flow is not chronological due to content throttling or algorithmic decisions on what content to deliver to a user?

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    1. Her astonishing quickness of perception, detected a change in my voice, or my manner, when I put that question, which warned her that I had been speaking all along with some ulterior object in view. She stopped, and taking her arm out of mine, looked me searchingly in the face.

      At the end of the first narrative, Rachel break the engagement and Godfrey agree with it without argument. The reason why Rachel breaks the engagement and the reason why Godfrey accepts it happily is revealed by Mr. Bruff in this chapter. I think it is a typical example of the unique information flow in Moonstone. The writer is so sagacious that he arranges one narrator to show the strange events and lets another narrator reveal the truth and raise some new puzzles. As a result, the writer can promote the development of the plot and reveal the mystery behind it at the same time. It makes readers keep curious all the time because there is fascinating''truth'' in every narrative.

  4. May 2017
    1. The Triple Feedback Loop offers a compass by aligning the information flows in a framework for operating a network of disparate players with different goals who work together on an overarching goal.