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  1. Oct 2019
    1. But what this pageant lacks in size it makes up in spirit. For 32 years, young women of the Ryde shire have vied for the title of Granny Smith Queen. And despite the changing times - and some local councillors' attempts to shut the whole thing down - organisers persevere.

      One day you too will make it to 32 - and all these mistakes as a work experience student will serve you well, by embarrassing you and reminding you not to get manipulated by sneaky pollie types. Even if they have offered you a cosy gig for which you don't really have the skills, using members money.

  2. Oct 2018
    1. On the other hand, though much less likely, is the possibility of the gig economy becoming a long-term fixture of capitalism.

      Whether or not the gig economy is here to stay, the result will be widespread un- or under-employment caused by technological displacement. Whether workers are gathered into a gig economy or are outright unemployed is what remains to be seen.

  3. Sep 2018
    1. Simply put, the modern economy is evolving beyond the constraints of traditional work models. As a society, we are demanding the freedom of flexible work environments. Collectively, we are breaking barriers and smashing limitations, especially when it comes to making a living. The time is ripe for us to champion our own destiny by harnessing the power of the gig economy to spur lasting social change.

      This is all very "uplifting," but this entire paragraph is devoid of meaning. When is it NOT the time to "champion our own destiny?" What does it even mean to "harness the power of the gig economy to spur lasting social change?" What sort of change? People can't afford to live in Silicon Valley. The ethos of the tech companies show that they don't care about the communities of which they are a part.

    2. It is this progressive attitude

      This is a flowery puff piece regarding the gig economy. The supposed "progressive attitude" of piecemeal labor hides the grim reality of people working harder and longer for less. Read some counterpoints to this article's perspective here.

  4. Jan 2018
    1. la comprensión del mundo es mucho más amplia que la comprensión Occidental del mundo. E

      [...] Pensar nuevos pensamientos, por ende, requiere salir del espacio epistémico de la teoría social Occidental y entrar en las configuraciones epistémicas asociadas con las múltiples ontologías relacionales de mundos en lucha. Es en estos espacios que podemos encontrar respuestas más convincentes a las preguntas fuertes que plantea la coyuntura actual de problemas modernos con soluciones modernas insuficientes.

      Quizás hackear la publicación sea una manera de articular estos díalogos desde el Sur hacia culturas Anglo Europeas y la academia en sus sentidos más tradicionales.

  5. Oct 2017
    1. People with scientific training are adopting these practices as well, either by offering services on sites such as Upwork or finding projects through their previous academic networks.