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  1. Dec 2023
    1. The difference between asyncio.sleep() and time.sleep() is that asyncio.sleep() is non-blocking.
    2. What does it mean when something is non-blocking?

      "Non-blocking" means a program will allow other threads to continue running while it's waiting. This is opposed to "blocking" code, which stops execution of your program completely. Normal, synchronous I/O operations suffer from this limitation.

    1. IO-bound operations are related to reading/writing operations.

      A good example would be:

      • Requesting some data from HTTP
      • Reading/Writing some json/txt file
      • Reading data from a database

      All these operations consist of waiting for the data to be available.

      While the data is UNAVAILABLE the EVENT LOOP does something else.

      This is Concurrency.

      NOT Parallelism.

  2. Dec 2022
    1. ---.._ `\ ,;;;, "--.._ |,%%%%%% _ `\;;;; -\ _ _.'/\ try not to buy ,;;;;" .__{=====/_)==:_ || .io domains. ,,,;;;;;'`-./.____,'/ / '.\/ bcuz they're icky. 🤮 ;;;;;' `--.._.' / '-. `\/ ,'`. | __.-' \ ,' '`` `---`

      Advice around .io domains

    2. .io is the official domain of "the british indian ocean territory"

      .io domain name

    1. Java IO问题, 把文件夹中图片拷入到另一个文件夹,为什么文件夹拒绝访问?如果用这种方法单纯拷备文件就没有问题.
  3. Aug 2022
  4. Mar 2022
    1. 由图中可看到,每种设备都有两个指标: - 延时(响应时间):表示硬件的突发处理能力; - 带宽(吞吐量):代表硬件持续处理的能力。

  5. Nov 2021
    1. 奥迪广告与《芳华》宣传对女性身体“原真性”的追求,涉及多个层面的复杂问题。首先,整容是女性处置自己身体的自由,是每个女性都应该捍卫的身体自主权;其次,整容的问题在于迎合大众审美,而这种大众文化塑造的女性完美身体本身,也是男权社会压迫女性的一种表现;最后,对“天然”的女性身体的推崇,其实是对“天然美”的女性身体的推崇,如果这里也存在一个“鄙视链”的话,人工美和天然丑的排位显而易见。因此,这样一支看似“坏得赤裸”的广告背后其实隐藏着重重陷阱,每一个都值得我们格外警惕。
  6. Feb 2021
    1. The IO monad wraps computations in the following context: "This computation can read information from or write information to the terminal, file system, operating system, and/or network". If you want to get user input, print a message to the user, read information from a file, or make a network call, you'll need to do so within the IO Monad. These are "side effects". We cannot perform them from "pure" Haskell code.
  7. Oct 2020
    1. Linux Memory Management at Scale

      "we had to build a complete and compliant operating system in order to perform resource control reliably"

      epic real-talk. the only people on the planet who seemed to have tamed linux for workloads. controlling memory. taming io. being on the bleeding edge, it turns out, is almost entirely about forward-progress. what can we reclaim?

      • oomd for memory protection
      • fbtax2
      • psi monitoring for io regulation
      • cgroups v2


    1. 8devices has now entered the fray with Qualcomm IPQ6000/IPQ6010 powered Mango WiFi 6 system-in-module available in commercial or industrial temperature range, as well as as a development kit based on the module.

      8device is awesome and has made really good modules at a great price for a while now i love this company & their support is definitely on par.

      i can't wait for a less frigging ancient core but wow still a powerful offering. good wifi! huzzah: that's what this module offers. on package. wow. the chip has some good ok stuff. 2x 5Gbe. usb3. a lane of pcie3. not bad. seemingly the lane of pcie is after the dual onboard 802.11ax 2x2? cause that's what this is really about. some wifi io.

  8. Feb 2014
    1. the Phoenicians do not tell the same story about Io as the Persians

      1.5. Herodotus claims that the Phoenicians have an alternate version of the story of Io, in which she eloped willingly with the ship's captain because she was pregnant. This is an example of one type of account that Fehling thinks Herodotus invented (the story according to national bias). It is also example of what Dewald describes as Herodotus' "narrative surface", where Herodotus highlights his own process of data collection.

    2. Io and others were seized and thrown into the ship

      1.1. Io is seized by an unidentified Phoenician merchant.