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    1. Reclaim Finance zufolge ist 2022/23 die Finanzierung von 437 Öl- und Gasprojekte genehmigt worden. Beteiligt sind 200 Unternehmen in 58 Ländern. Die Projekte widersprechen der Roadmap der IEA zur Klimaneutralität von 2021, in der keine neuen fossilen Projekte vorgesehen sind. Eine Schlüsselrolle haben staatliche Firmen in Öl und Gas produzierenden Staaten. Bei der Zahl der Projekte liegen Russland und Norwegen vorne. Europäische Ölgesellschaften haben eine Reduzierung ihrer (unzureichenden) Dekarbonisierungsziele angekündigt. https://www.liberation.fr/environnement/437-nouveaux-projets-petroliers-et-gaziers-quels-sont-les-pays-moteurs-des-energies-fossiles-en-2023-20231130_QRXDTQKM7NBIZGXWUNFQ7QRSWM/

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    1. https://docsify-this.net/#/

      Instantly Turn Online Markdown Files into Web Pages This open-source web app, built with the magical documentation site generator Docsify, provides a quick way to publish one or more online Markdown files as standalone web pages without needing to set up your own website.

    1. Seit dem Pariser Abkommen haben europäische Banken fossile Energieunternehmen durch die Ausgabe vom Anleihen in Wert von ca einer Billion (1000 Milliarden) Euro unterstützt, wie eine Recherche des Guardian ergibt. Anleihen (Bons) sind inzwischen die wichtigste Form der Finanzierung der Fossilindustrie. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2023/sep/26/europes-banks-helped-fossil-fuel-firms-raise-more-than-1tn-from-global-bond-markets

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    1. BP faces a green rebellion at its annual shareholder meeting on Thursday as some of Britain’s biggest pension funds prepare to demand the company toughens its plans to reduce its emissions by 2030.

      Einige der größten britischen Pensionsfonds werden beim nächsten BP-Aktionärstreffen deutlich schärfere Maßnahmen zur Reduktion der Emissionen verlangen. BP hatte die eigenen Reduktionsziele in diesem Jahr nach dem Rekordgewinnen aufgrund des Ukrainekriegs gelockert. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2023/apr/24/bp-facing-green-rebellion-annual-shareholder-meetingNGI:

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    1. https://community.reclaimhosting.com/t/mastodon-on-reclaim-cloud/3225

      For those interested in doing it for edtech/classroom settings, it might be worth looking at the Hometown fork of Mastodon: https://github.com/hometown-fork/hometown/wiki/Local-only-posting

      The link is to a special feature that most Mastodon instances don't have: local only posting which would allow students a level of privacy and separation from the rest of the federated timeline if they choose.

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    1. Community Chat - February 9th, 2022 Announcements You have selected 0 posts. select all cancel selecting taylorjadin2dWe are calling the next Community Chat “State of Reclaim!” This chat will be an overview of what we have been busy with at the start of the new year at Reclaim Hosting, as well as what we are looking ahead toward. In this community chat, we’ll hear from the various groups at Reclaim about what they have been up to, as well as a breakdown of the initial work on an exciting new project for us that we’re calling the “Domains API.” Register at the link below to attend the chat. We will email details on how to join in the days leading up to the Community Chat Where: Online, Register here: https://forms.gle/5CN3xWhGATDmujFx9 5 When: February 9th, 2022 12 - 1 PM EST
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    1. Linux Memory Management at Scale

      "we had to build a complete and compliant operating system in order to perform resource control reliably"

      epic real-talk. the only people on the planet who seemed to have tamed linux for workloads. controlling memory. taming io. being on the bleeding edge, it turns out, is almost entirely about forward-progress. what can we reclaim?

      • oomd for memory protection
      • fbtax2
      • psi monitoring for io regulation
      • cgroups v2


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    1. Africans in the Atlantic world, printed discourse was part of a larger "racial complex" that both supported imperial plantation systems and denied people of color equality in the civic realm. This racial complex was constituted in a variety of printed forms, from slave laws stored in dusty bookshelves to denigrating racial labels in popular plays, novels, and pieces of travel writing. By the latter half of the eighteenth century, however, a vanguard of black writers, readers, and letter writers came to view printed discourse as a potential means of surmounting racial oppres sion. According to the literary scholar John Ernest, letters, literacy, print, and the book all became part of a "liberation historiography"—a "specifically textual" response by black writers to racial hierarchies established not only in law and politics but in print.

      This section truly highlights the contradictory nature of the print medium as an information technology that was used by imperial whites to marginalize black voices and on the other hand was used to by black writers to tackle, overcome racial oppression and reclaim the black voice.

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    1. experiment with the technologies underlying new models.

      Not how I've been thinking about the work of Reclaim, but a good way.

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    1. Part 3, Pressbooks dependencies:

      I skipped this section for now, wanting to just have my book(s) on the Web for starters. Looks like we are definitely chaning .php files below though.

    2. Navigate to: My Books → YOUR_SITE → Dashboard

      I believe the names of these categories has changed in the current UI: "My Catalog" has replaced "My Books."

    3. Part 1, WordPress generic:

      But for starting another WP install, skip this section entirely if following my lead, enabling Reclaim/Instrallatron's automatic configuration of multisite at installation.

    4. Pressbooks works with PHP 5.6.x and WordPress 4.4.1.

      I was working in 5.5 but Tim Owens quickly allowed me the ability to upgrade within the cPanel.

      Image Description

    5. Network Enable "Pressbooks."

      All I did of the above was download the PB plugin. You can "Network activate" from the plugin installed page.

    6. Do not install Pressbooks on an existing WordPress blog -- create a new WordPress install instead.

      This is pretty important. But it's easy to add a second WP install in Reclaim's Installatron. In fact, you can select "multisite" in the process and skip all of Part 1 below, including editing php files.

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    1. Learn to take ownership and control over the content you put on the web instead of handing it to third-party publishers.

      Such an admirable principle/mission. I wonder though whether this will ever be part of a larger cultural turn? Or even if it will be a major part of 21st century digital pedagogy?...