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    1. That is using a specific tool for a specific use case. You don’t actually have a table view of your data. Once it’s in a table, man, you’re good. That is the modeling. A sequel database table, you have this amazing high-level language for doing all sorts of cool operations with it.To turn this into some class hierarchy, it’s almost criminal. There, I said it. It’s like you’re throwing away the power that you have.

      about a situation when you sometime want an is-a relationship but in most cases just have it as loosely structured (table-like) data format

  3. Oct 2018
    1. Perhaps part of the confusion - and you say this in a different way in your little memo - is that the C/C++ folks see OO as a liberation from a world that has nothing resembling a first-class functions, while Lisp folks see OO as a prison since it limits their use of functions/objects to the style of (9.). In that case, the only way OO can be defended is in the same manner as any other game or discipline -- by arguing that by giving something up (e.g. the freedom to throw eggs at your neighbor's house) you gain something that you want (assurance that your neighbor won't put you in jail).

      [9] "Sum-of-product-of-function pattern - objects are (in effect) restricted to be functions that take as first argument a distinguished method key argument that is drawn from a finite set of simple names."

    2. Encapsulation - the ability to syntactically hide the implementation of a type. E.g. in C or Pascal you always know whether something is a struct or an array, but in CLU and Java you can hide the difference.

      is this because:

      • interfaces--contextually identical (because satisfy common set of behaviours)?
      • or being wrapped in objects (thus blurring the difference)?
  4. Mar 2018
    1. Mixin’ traits ‘statically’

      静态的 mixin a trait 是说:这个 trait 的成员(method, field) 可以有一个 default implementation. 这样你 mixin 这个 trait 的时候,可以只提供那些没有 Implementation 的抽象函数。 当然也可以都自己实现一遍。

    2. val singingPerson = new Person with Singerperson.sing

      val singingPerson = new Person with Singer 倒是很像 组合

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