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    1. When you come to terms with your past, and realize that you’ve had accomplishments both then and now, you’ll also develop this sense of self-worth.
    2. The freedom and belief that you poured into those accomplishments, it’s a source that can  be transferred into other areas, after all, that is a belief system. One that is controllable. If you can reveal that source of power, you can literally direct it into everything you need to deal with.
    3. Think of all the hard work and the sweat you put in to the things that your proudest of.

      Always feels good to say, "I worked out today!"

    4. So Self-Acceptance is the first key, Accept your past, and the person who you are now, and start working towards your future.
    5. This is your past, this is the series of events in your life that built you as a human being.
    6. Self-Acceptance + Self Assurance = Confidence