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  1. Jun 2021
    1. I was recently reminded of a story about Evelyn Waugh, who had behaved particularly rudely to a young French intellectual at a dinner party. Waugh was asked by the host, Nancy Mitford, how he could act so meanly and yet consider himself a believing and practicing Catholic. “You have no idea,” Waugh is said to have responded, “how much nastier I would be if I was not a Catholic.”
  2. Dec 2020
    1. Hardly had the Father ended Mass, and the Christians—who, according to their custom, had filled the Church after the rising of the [9] Sun—were still continuing their devotions there, when the cry arose, " To arms! and repel the enemy! "—who, having come unexpectedly, had made his approaches by night. Some hasten to the combat, others to flight: there is naught but alarm and terror everywhere. The Father, among the first to rush where he sees the danger greatest, encourages his people to a brave defense; and—as if he had seen Paradise open for the Christians, and Hell on the point of swallowing up all the Infidels—he speaks to them in a tone so [page 87] animated with the spirit which was possessing him, that, having made a breach in hearts which till then had been most rebellious, he gave them a Christian heart. The number of these proved to be so great that, unable to cope with it by baptizing them one after the other, he was constrained to dip his handkerchief in the water (which was all that necessity then offered him), in order to shed abroad as quickly as possible this grace on those poor Savages, who cried mercy to him,—using the manner of baptizing which is called " by aspersion."

      So...he dipped his handkerchief in water so that he could baptize people "quicker???"

    1. Here lies the body of St. Catharine [of Alexandria] Virgin.

      St. Catharine of Alexandria is known as the saint of scholars and philosophers. She is known to protect against sudden death. In Catholicism she is known in the Roman Martyrology on 25 November.

  3. Oct 2020
    1. "Protestant" life of wealth and risk over the "Catholic" path of poverty and security.[8]

      Is this simply a restatement of the idea that most of "the interesting things" happen at the border or edge of chaos? The Catholic ethic is firmly inside the stable arena while that of the Protestant ethic is pushing the boundaries.

  4. Oct 2019
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    1. heschonlsinceitsestablishmenthasbeenmadeupprincipal—lyofhalfbreedCatholicchildrenconnectedwiththeTradingho

      School at Fond du Lac is primarily used by "half breed Catholic" children

    2. etholioismisdyingout.ThePriestvisitedherethelastsummerprobablyforthelasttime.AchiefhereinwhomthePriesthadplacedgreatconfidenceshookoffhisallegienceandreturnedtoPaganism.Sincemy

      Ayer says "Catholicism is dying out"

    3. heCatholicsatthisplacearebecomingconsiderablenumerous,andaredoingwhattheycantodrawsoulsintothevortexoftheirer—ror.TheCanadiansandhalf-breedsofCanadiandescentareofcourseRomanCatholic

      stronger catholic presence at La Pointe

    4. hefollowingarethereasonsforcontinuingFond.duLa

      Reasons for staying at Fond du Lac

      • property
      • agriculture
      • school
      • less Catholicism than in past
    5. Catholiccongregationhereisverynumerous

      Strong Catholic presence at La Pointe

    6. whoarebutlittlebetterinformedthan.the.India

      The Catholics around Fond du Lac are comparable to the Natives, according to Ely

    1. mixedblood

      "Mixed blood" by Catholic fur traders intermarrying with Natives

      So Catholics exert much influence on the Natives, because any children born in these marriages is baptized a Catholic at birth

    2. hisisinc-atncngholdofCatholicinfluenceinthiscountry.Thefurtradéhac.bcen.nheoccasionofintroducingaconsidera

      fur trade brings catholicism



  6. Sep 2019
    1. IhadlittlehopeoftheFonduLacstationfromthebegin'ning,thoughIhardlyknowwhatreasontoassignforit,exceptthestrengthofpaa1innuencether

      Greene believes that the original failure of Fond du Lac was caused by the influence of Catholicism there



    1. WehaveamoreformidablefoetoencounterinCathlolicismthaninheathenismitself

      Hall believes that Catholicism is a bigger threat to the success of the missions than "heathenism"

    2. heinnuencetheCatholicsareexertingisbecomingmoreapparenteveryyea

      the missionaries believe that the Catholic influence is increasing every year

  7. Aug 2019
    1. heCatholicpriestisstillhere,andisveryactiveamongtheIndiana

      the Catholic influence in the area is strong



    1. I.amhourlyledtoseethatthereisanap—parentcrisis--betweenus&theCatholics

      "crisis" between the Christians and the Catholics

    2. SheisconvincedthatBaptism&Absolutioncanneversaveher.Shewasbredecatholic.Shelistenedwithdeepattention&sometimeswithtears,lestsumner,atLePoi

      some of the Natives want to be converted, but don't think they can be

    3. Theirerrorsaremoreformidabletothemissionarythantheheathenismit

      The Catholic influence in the area is deemed as worse than the Native religious influences

  8. Sep 2017