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  1. Apr 2021
    1. Neither question nor answer appears to understand the notion of semantic HTML. Height and width are presentational attributes regardless of where you put them. For semantics we establish what the image means to content in the alt tag. I don't remember why it was so important to width/height in the HTML but I suspect it was in case you hit browsers without CSS rendering. It's not a semantics issue. If anything it thwarts separation of concerns to a degree.

      claim: that the OP's question and this answer are incorrect

      Could we say that this answer (that this comment replies to) missed the point?

      I actually believed and thought this answer was spot on ... until I read this comment, and then I reversed my opinion.

    2. It's not a semantics issue.
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  4. Sep 2020
    1. Aside from being an implementation nightmare, I think the proposal in this RFC is strictly better than props-in-style — it gives you the same expressive power in a neater, more idiomatic way, along with the global theming ability.
  5. Jun 2020
    1. Matrix is the missing signalling layer for WebRTC. If you are building VoIP into your app, or want to expose your existing VoIP app to a wider audience, building on Matrix’s SDKs and bridges should be a no-brainer.
  6. May 2020
    1. Gentics Mesh is your friendly, enterprise-grade, open-source headless CMS To be honest, it’s more than that: it’s your application development platform to develop your websites, your IoT applications, your mobile apps, your smart devices and your digital signage solutions. With its best-in-class APIs, a complete feature list and great documentation, you’ll get your projects done successfully in less time, no matter which technology you prefer.
  7. Apr 2020
    1. In the past, I've had people approach me with all sorts of creative means by which I could store this data and make it available to people. But no matter how good a crypto solution I come up with, being able to hand-on-heart say "I don't store passwords in HIBP" is enormously important. Not "I store them but I've been really, really, really careful with them" because that always leaves an element of doubt in people's minds.
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  10. Nov 2019
    1. Super flexible & extensible SilverStripe fits the outcomes you want, and doesn't force your business outcomes into an out-of-the-box solution. Customise to your needs!
  11. Mar 2019
    1. Prima Vitasari et al. / Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences 8 (2010) 490–497491Anxiety while studying is a major predictor of academic performance (McCraty, 2007 and McCraty, et al., 2000) and various studies have demonstrated that it has a detrimental effect. Little is known that there exist a possible association between high level of anxiety and low academic performance among students. Researchers revealed that high levels of anxiety influence on the decrease of working memory, distraction, and reasoning in students (Aronen et al., 2005). Tobias in Ibrahim (1996) has been recognised that anxiety plays significant role in student's learning and academic performance, moreover anxiety has been known to have both facilitating and debilitating effects on academic achievement

      The authors mention secondary evidence to discuss the correlation between high anxiety levels and academic progress. This is done to establish the main claim and building blocks of the study that is to be conducted.



    1. Social Anxiety and Academic AchievementTo the best of our knowledge, only two research groupshave tested the hypothesis that social anxiety is directly and

      The author gets to the main point of the article and establishes the main concept by citing two sources that will later be explained in further details

    2. From this perspective, indi-viduals who are socially anxious might perceive the uni-versity/college social environment as somewhatthreatening, which, in turn, would restrict their openness tochange

      The author used a secondary source to propose a different viewpoint about the matter and why socially anxious individuals might be perceiving socially demanding situations as some sort of a threat

    3. Thus, fromthis viewpoint, socially anxious or withdrawn individualsmight be at a disadvantage academically if they tend to avoidthe social and academic communities of an institution

      The author builds a conclusion and reinforces the main claim based on previous citations and the last example

    4. How-ever, thoughts of engaging or interacting with others mightfoster the social fears that are central to social anxiety, hin-dering any attempt to participate in the classroom, join inconversations, or ask for help in order to successfully ma-neuver through the university/college system

      The author proceeds to directly state the consequences that arise from students' social anxiety which inhibits itself in the form of fear of interaction and avoidance of any sort of participation even when it is vital to the student's understanding

    5. In fact,Russell and Topham (2012) propose that social anxietymay have a negative impact on university/college students’academic achievement

      The author cites a secondary source to present his claim through a similar opinion

    1. Harris Shah Abd Hamid and Muhamad Karimi Sulaiman (2014) stated that the students from Department of Psychology, International Islamic University Malaysia who took a statistics course seemed to have a high level of statistical anxiety which due to a student’s negative self-perception in solving mathematical issues. According to the data found by the researchers, another predictor that contributes to the highest statistics anxietywas aroused by the teacher or course instructor. So, in this issue, the instructors may focus on verbal and nonverbal immediacy behaviorsto reduce students’ anxiety (Williams, 2010 as cited by Harris Shah Abd Hamid & Muhamad Karimi Sulaiman, 2014)

      The author effectively used a secondary source to propose an explanation and a theory for the reason students may suffer from anxiety symptoms. The source provides a credible basis on which the author was able to build a claim upon.

    2. It is rather unclear what the purpose of the paper is as the author continues to discuss or mention other sources' viewpoints about the problem and not his own. There is basically no argument whatsoever in the article.

    3. The literature has revealed that anxiety was one of the predictors which contribute to several results of academic performance specifically to students at high school and university level. Therefore, in order to achieve better academic performance, students must be able to control and present themselves in a moderate and appropriate level of anxiet

      main claim again is discussed along with the way the author thinks the affected students should deal with the disorder

    4. anxiety can affect academic performance among students as we

      clear thesis statement

  12. May 2017
    1. Yukon Territory

      The Yukon Territory is a small, western Canadian territory with a rich history, including records dating back to 10,000 years go. In the Yukon Territory, there are a variety of languages spoken including Vunut Gwitchin, Han, Tutchone, Northern Tutchone, Southern Tutchone, Upper Tanana, Kaska, Tagish, and Tlingit (Pinnacle Travel). Another small ethnic group that is French-speaking remains from those who migrated from the Gold Rush. In the late 1700s, the Yukon became a major trading area between Tlingit and other Yukon people (Government of Yukon). In 1852, Tlingit traders pushed the Hudson Bay Company out of the Yukon in 1852. In 1886, a trading post was established at the Stewart River and coarse gold was found at the Fortymile River and the Yukon Gold Rush began. In 1898, the Yukon Territory Act was passed to consider the Yukon as separate from the North-West Territories, with Dawson City as its capital. In 1972, Elijah Smith and some of the Yukon First Nations tribe went to Ottawa seeking land claims. The final agreement, The Umbrella Agreement, was signed in 1993 and was signed by the governments of Canada and Yukon and the Council of Yukon First Nations. The Yukon First Nations’ final land claim was complete in 1995. In 2003, the Devolution Transfer Agreement was passed, allowing the Yukon government more control over provincial programming and powers.

      References: "Government of Yukon." History - Government of Yukon- Government of Yukon. January 5, 2015. Accessed May 07, 2017. http://www.gov.yk.ca/aboutyukon/history.html.

      "Pinnacle Marketing Management Inc." Pinnacle Travel. Accessed May 07, 2017. https://www.pinnacle-travel.org/yukon-culture-history/.

    1. is being eradicated by experimental filmmakers such as Peter Greenaw

      Hmmmm . . . has anyone else seen a film by Peter Greenaway? I was curious what this would look like, so I went through his imdb, and I haven't seen (and had barely heard of) any of his projects, which suggests to me that Manovich is perhaps an unreliable source if he believes Greenaway is successfully eradicating narrative.

  13. Mar 2017
    1. This is what their claims are about, and this is why they say their claims must be settled before a pipeline is built.

      In this statement, Berger is expressing the perspective of the native culture that has not been treated as owners of their ancestral land. Even though land claims are rarely perfect, Berger argues their importance in improving social inequalities. As a whole, the native populations aren’t opposed to the creation of a pipeline, however they are demanding respect in these decisions that will vastly impact their land (132). Until this point the native populations have been viewed from a largely colonialist viewpoint. Starting in the mid 19th century with the Hudson’s Bay Company wanting to “tap the value of the arctic and drain it via the Mackenzie river” (18). After the fur traders, whaling boats harvested the abundance of the Mackenzie delta from the north (31). Continuing on, the imperial mindset brought forth Reindeer as a “solution” and apology to the native people (78). After this rich history of white subjugation, it is obvious why the paramount issue at the time of this document was not the creation of the oil pipeline, but instead government agreements to settle land claims and ownership. In stating “This is what their claims are about”, Berger is arguing for the crucial impact in continuing to develop these large projects on other people's land without their consent. Due to the extensive environmental considerations as well as the mass amount of infrastructure needed for this project, the Canadian government would be entering a new stage of colonialism if they were to follow through with this project without consultation of the local populations.

      Annotation drawn from Stuhl, Andrew. Unfreezing the Arctic: Science, Colonialism, and the Transformation of Inuit Lands. University of Chicago Press, 2016, 132

  14. Oct 2016
    1. Not only do they bear the ar-chitecture of our social world but, as computers and robots, they have bod-ies, “characteristics,” personality, and style.

      We have created in our own image, demonstrating in the most forward of ways, a need to humanize and illustrate to all if not to ourselves, that we have a connection to objects and in turn are able to create relationships and interactive dynamics with what would be (or should be) move-less, lifeless, soulless objects.

    2. These Pixar films challenge adult viewers to closely consider their relationship to “friendly,” “soulful” objects.

      Scott's initial claim is simply made at the beginning of the section.

    3. These films imagine the possibility of love, beauty, commu-nity, and meaning through object sur-rogates, and in the face of apocalyptic circumstances.
    4. The films frankly admit that the toys are fighting a losing battle
    5. They feel, move, and have their being better than humans, who are often characterized as sadistic, careless, and preoccupied. They become not sur-rogates for human emotions but the ori-gin of a purer form of emotion than the corrupted or marginal human ones

      Toys become a metaphor for the simpler human soul, the purer human soul, they are at the mercy of conditions out of their control and instead of responding with the modern human reaction (i.e. sadistic careless preoccupied) they respond with non-corrupted actions (usually "I don't want to die" if you watch the movies) by demonstrating this difference Scott has made the claim that Pixar is subliminally telling adults that they have strayed from kinder purer emotional responses to difficult life stimuli

    6. we live with our objects intimately—that they “people” our world.

      Scott implies a dependence upon objects. It's a fact that humans are social beings in need of emotional stimuli from others, when these needs are not met, we seek emotional stimuli even from fabricated relationships or intimacies